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A S Goodwin
A S Goodwin
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An unusual variety of dance,electronic,world,pop,rock,funk sounds and beats with meaningful thoughtful lyrics.
Lyric writer deciding to make his own original compositions. Available for lyric writing projects also. After selling quite well two albums in 2003/2004, following the death of my Mother to Cancer in 2005 I lost almost 18 months in the music field and a fan base. I gained finalist awards in 2004 and 2007 for two compositions and recently(2012) a Runner-up in the Song of the Year song contests. Since then I have released a few albums online all just for listening pleasure. Sometimes, pop, rock, funk, dance, anything, it includes rough songs and some were not as perfect as I'd like. 2008 became a new me. I have now repackaged and renamed many of the songs onto new albums, and discarded many that should have remained as demos. I hope you enjoy the music, I am happy if you listen for 10 seconds, hear the full song, listen to an album or even buy something. I make music to be enjoyed and hopefully give people something to think about. :)
Band/artist history
Andy Goodwin would like to be known as a lyric writer, but the songs on his albums to date suggest a rare talent in complete songwriting. With over 350 song lyrics written since the age of 17 there is a vast amount of songs that can be created. He is writing constantly when he feels inspired by someone or something. He joined the International Songwriters Association and gained valuable knowledge on the art of songwriting and made several demos using session musicians to hear his lyrics in song form. After a few failed writing collaborations,and after some successful tryout songswith his brother Mike on guitar, he decided to go it alone. It looks like A.S. Goodwin is here to stay, hes created a sound of his own,appealing to fans of many different genres.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No,I am releasing music purely for the enjoyment of listening and to express my lyrical talent.
Your musical influences
I like anything and everything.Prince and Madonna are my alltime favourites. I am a big fan of Adam Ant, Blondie, Bon Jovi, The Corrs, Red Hot Chili Peppers and czech band Support Lesbiens and dutch band Kane. I like anything with good lyrics,good beat and something to remember.
What equipment do you use?
I use the Sonic Foundry Acid 2.0 mixing desk and virtual studio.
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