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If Robin Dies
If Robin Dies
25 Tracks
beautiful, punk, loud, wierd, freaks, unusual, strange, bizzare, good, original, messy, music
Bored with all the crap in the music industry, If Robin Dies decide to make their own 'music'.
Band/artist history
We started in 1999, while we were all still in school. The line up hasn't changed but for our new drummer since then. We've written more songs than we know what to do with, and recorded a handfull of them. We record under Robins bed or in Jed's shed with crap equipment, but i think you would be suprised at how good they come out...if you knew what we used in recording. Still going strong and hoping to gig around Wales in the summer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Whenever we can, all around our local area, but further afield whenever possible, as its shite here. Any Special Moments? Robin has a special moment whenever he goes to the toilet. Jed has a special moment whenever he touches a violin in special places. Clyde has special moments whenever he's not being forced to play 'Giant Leap'. Jonhny has special moments with the microphones behind our backs.
Your musical influences
Anything that defies 'normal' music. Pulp, Mogwai, Pixies, Moldy Peaches, Levellers, Laminator and loads more you probably wouldn't have heard of because we're defiantely more hip than you. No YOU'RE being sarcastic. Your face too. if we play in yore house i'm going to piss in your shoes.
What equipment do you use?
Anything old, second hand, broken or defaced.
Anything else?
we dont like the 'president' of america very much. nor those filthy 'liberals' we hear so much about on that machine of truth- the TV.
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