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Andre Vezina
Andre Vezina
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Instrumental electro-prog.------ Textural------Time------Emotional------Space------Voyage--- ---Imagination------Explore------Eternity.
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Let's take a ride into my musical landscape.Prog-pop instrumental with flute,vocoder,analog synth and guitar. Also new-age ''Frippertronic'' style, electro-prog with melodies. Build mainly with sequences. . For those who like Mike Oldfield,Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno,Klaus Schulze,Rick Wakeman, Synergy,Moby,Pink Floyd,Jethro Tull.
Band/artist history
Since the age of seventeen I learned to manipulate sounds with a Space echo Roland, a Mutron bi-phase and several guitar effects on a four tracks Teak. My first synth was a Korg MS-10. I think the analog sequencer was the element who change the way of making music, the way to understand and execute music much than today's computer. That non-human character attracted me strongly. Before sequencer I made tape loops which was a completely different approach. Back in the seventees, sounds was new, every sounds was new. There was the impression that a complete univers was hide under synth's knobs. So I turned knobs again and again and I continue with pleasure. I can say that I am in the first generation of home recorder.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live.
Your musical influences
My principals influences are ,Tangerine Dream,Mike Oldfield, Jethro Tull,Robert Fripp,Klaus Schulze,Larry Fast,Kraftwerk,Genesis,Moby,Rick Wakeman,Yes,Pink Floyd,Jean-Michel Jarre, and all the prog rock bands of the seventees.
What equipment do you use?
I use analog and digital synths: Roland JX-8-P with pg-800, Roland MKS-30 with pg-200, Roland Alpha juno-1, Roland MKS-50,Yamaha tx81z, Korg M3R, Korg MS-2000,Yamaha A-3000,Yamaha TG-77,Alesis hr-16b,Alesis midiverb2,Mutron bi-phase,Fender Squier, boss pedals,Roland VS-840. Soft synth: Waldorf PPG, M-tron, TimeWarp 2600, Korg legacy. I compose on a Alesis MMT-8 sequencer. Everything is recorded on a Roland VS-840.
Anything else?
I just want make music without any pression just for the satisfaction of express my emotions through sound experimentations.There is a frontier between before and during the creating process. Before, I'm totally free to take any direction. During, I have to follow the stream and reduce my choices until the no choice-end. Making sounds and composing are two different ways of expression wich I never do simultaneously. They're probably not comming from the same part of the brain. I prefer composing than playing, but improvisation bring together these two actions. Composing is an excellent way to exist. Music is a God's gift and I enjoy it. Contact:andrefrequency@hotmail.com
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