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Frontline Productionz
Frontline Productionz
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beats, freestyle, rap, hiphop, slowing & chopping.....frontline we do it all....
80's baby-Instrumental
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My Angel (Instrumental)
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The fronline is made up of all types of rappers beatmakers who live in the maryland/dc area... **NEW DEALS!!!! 2 Beats For $130 4 Beats For $250 Custom Beats on Sale $150** OK sorry to all yall out there, my computer went down ...we are workin hard to get it back up....because i have at lease 6 bangin NEW joints on there save...it should be up later this week please jump on the NEW DEALS i have listed above............... EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: (CONTACT FOR PRICES) You own exclusive rights, which means you can do as you please with the instrumental.Frontline Productionz will releases the song to you and the beat CAN NOT be sold again. Once you have purchased the beat(s) you will recieve a master CD in the mail containing the track(s) in a stereo wav format. They will be mixed down and ready to be recorded when you recieve the CD. In addition you will recieve a signed Frontline Productionz contract granting you exclusive rights. Upon request, we can also send the beat broken into the seperate individual instrument tracks, each in it's own wav file. LEASING RIGHTS (Contact for Prices): With leasing rights you can use the beat for only one profitable commercial recording or broadcast purpose, you will have non-exclusive rights to the beat. This is perfect if you're working on a low budget album. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by Frontline Productionz and the beat remains on the website. Once you have purchased the beat you will receive a CD in the mail containing the full beat as audio. In addition you will receive a signed Frontline Productionz contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the beat. EMAIL uptown49upt@yahoo.com Vist daily for updates.......FL Productionz 2005 join FL mailing list.......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah we have sessions like everyday and always makin beats.....
Your musical influences
Well we all have Down South influences...8 baLL, lil john, Swisha house ect.. but i have love for the eastcoast nas, Jay z, jea millz, you know....
Anything else?
We chop & slow your cd 4 only 10$ (Prices may go up) Check us out Frontline Productionz South - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=413085
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