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Slayv Axis
Slayv Axis
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hatecore, gabber, gabba, DHC, power noise, powernoise, power noize, powernoize, rhythmic noise, digital hardcore, technoise, speedcore, industrial, trance, ebm,
sLaYv AxiS was primarily a PowerNoize/HardkoreTekno project. The earlier material can be described as Delta-9 meets Terrorfakt, but far more primitive in quality. As time has passed, sLaYv AxiS has evolved into a greatly improved entity due to slightly less distortion & more emphasis on actual synthesis. These changes have given the project a distinct Minimal Hard Trance/Elektro-Industrial edge with a much better production quality. AIM/AOL: L0HR (spelled with a ZER0). Email: slayv@zlink.net If you enjoy the music of sLaYv AxiS please PROVE IT by purchasing my albums!! I cannot stress enough that it is imperative to support the scene. I work hard to provide you with quality music. I have heard many people say they loved my music but saying that is simple. If you truely like my music, buy my god damn albums!!! Everytime some says my music is great i don't beleive them because talk is cheep, actions speak louder than words. If you can't afford a lousy $5 for one album then prove to me in other ways your respect for me & love of my music by giving me concerts to play, remixing my songs or even advertizing Slayv Axis.
Band/artist history
1992: began experimentations with sound (a drum machine, a guitar & tape loops). 1993: still experimenting with sounds. 1994: adds a guitarist the the band, plays generic industrial/metal, later adds a drummer and a bass player, plays generic death metal. 1995: (the end pt.1) jail 1996: still in jail 1997: buys some gear, performs simple ambient noise/electro-industrial. 1998: expands music style to include trance & house music 1999: focused on a primitive form of what is now called "techno powernoise". 2000: (the end pt. 2) personal life difficulties forces Lohr to sell all his gear off to pawn shops. 2001: heavy drug abuse, excessive drinking & homelessness. 2002: heavy drug abuse, excessive drinking & homelessness still. 2003: spring/summer: Lohr gets his life back on track again. fall/winter: buys some new gear (again), spends the remainder of '03 learning. 2004: self-releases debut album demo "HateCrime SuperHero". continues to compose and refine his take on technoise while prepairing a second album. 2005: releases a 2nd album "Empyrie", starts getting noticed a little by people such as Tommy T of Cyberage Radio/DSBP & The Operative of Mechanismz/Das Bunker/Sonic Spasmz. 2006: signs to the Mechanismz label for one album. Releases two new albums, Appears on a noise compilation from the Australia based Noize Machine label... 2007: A couple compilation appearances on Soviet Media Kompilation & Interbreeding IX - Kuru... The 5th cd "Rejekted/Defektive" released. 2008: LoHr spends the year focusing on his CD label Soviet Media Kontrol & Side project band Weltkrieg. No news regarding Slayv Axis this year.
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I would have said the fans influence me, but seeing as how i have no fans, i'll say nothing influences me.
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