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Eric Strange
An unusual mixture of modern rock, classical instrumentals, and new age, somewhat raw with a touch of obscurity.
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In Empty (Troubling Mix)
A little incarnation from the rattling depths of my nothing
Naturian Fall
While drifting around the cosmos of my mind, the uncontrolable forces of space spin me around to see things I've never seen, things I've never imagined possible. I am lost in my wonderment. Lost and spinning, waiting for my next journey.
Ozmune Antiphonie
The beginning
Wicked Mirror
On a whim, on a prayer, the dust was warm, but not the air...and from the boards the chorus rang, the drums broke loose, the guitars sang...
12 songs
HELLO Everyone! You have stumbled into my realm of musical atrocities. This has been a life-long adventure of mine, and you are invited to travel along for a bit if you like.
Band/artist history
For several years, I played as a drummer in various local bands, and never saw much success. But since the age of 7, i have been writing and recording my own music, and developed the ability to play 6 instruments (7 if you count the violin im currently learning). Music is what I do for freedom, as an escape from the "real" world, and it becomes the metaphorical landfill for all my thoughts and emotions. I have worked with many musicians in the past, but find I don't play well with others. ...At least..for now anyway.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live...? No, I'm Memorex! do i play live...riiight
Your musical influences
My greatest influence is music itself.
What equipment do you use?
Esp and Fender guitars. Washburn Bass guitar. Korg Triton and Korg x5-D synths. Audio Technica studio mics. DW drums, Roland V-Tour Electronic drums, Fender Electric Violin, yamaha accoustic guitars, and some random percussion, torture devices and a few more things you would never believe. Korg and Roland mixing boards, and D'Addario strings, and Boss guitar and vocal synths. Sound Forge 8.0 Mastering software at the moment. And Asmodiar, the magical elf that works the mixer for me, and keeps the coffee(and beer) flowing.
Anything else?
January 5, 2009 Hello once again my friends. This year has been a strange one, filled with many oddities...but the creative juices are flowing, so keep checking back for new material! I hope you enjoy my latest harmonic calamities. Peace! Anyway, as always, i thank you all for your support. And i wish you the very best. song total now at 543... 1/5/09
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