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Kno Ba Di
Kno Ba Di
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So begins a new era. This is you're man Kno Ba Di. As in I am everything. I am not a single entity in a physical form. I am hip hop. I am all styles.
***Please vote for my on http://www.anti-industry.com and also on http://www.hotrapbeats.net/ *** What up world! This is Kno Ba Di (pronounced nobody if you ain't know). Just your local neighborhood Producer/MC/Writer making some hot product for everybody. I've been engaged to Hip Hop for a while now, but I really like all music except for country. Anyway, I'm just out looking for anybody who is looking for production or songs or even collabos. PGP, come and see about me!!
Band/artist history
Okay, I've been in about 3 groups now. The first was (still a current one) me an my brother formed a group called MAGI. We was the spiritual brothers with intellectual rhymes. Then, I hooked up with this cat from my school and we had a click of about 17 dudes called the Golden Age Dynasty. Needless to say, that didn't last cuz of too many members and a lot were getting locked up for dumb shit or moving cuz of other things. After that, me, my brother, and a bunch of cats I met working at Old Country Buffet. I think this one had the lamest name, don't laugh too hard . . . . . . All the King's Men. Once again too many heads. The last group is the one I am still a part of which is a collective of 4 people. There's me (Yze, an MC/Producer/Writer), my brother (Zmo, an MC/writer), my homeboy Webb (another producer), and Yohan (MC/DJ). We don't really have a name so we just say we're The Group or The Click since Da Band is takin :-) The rest is history. We've been making music for years and we'll keep on doin the damn thing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment, but I want to. I'm out here in Las Vegas and don't really know of any spots like that, but I'm open to it. I performed a few times back in my home of Virginia though (Bad Newz baby!!)
Your musical influences
Wu Tang's Enter the 36 Chambers was the very first rap CD I could buy (parents didn't like cussing very much) and that CD changed my life. Thats what first got me to MCing and later to producing. I've also been influenced by Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Kool G Rap, Pete Rock, Eminem, Ludacris, Jay Z, Tupac, Camp Lo, KillArmy, Outkast, and many others. My brother was also a big influence because we used to just play with rap and one day he said we could do this for real and we've been doing it ever since.
What equipment do you use?
My computer and my mind.
Anything else?
Just holla at me and keep ya eyes open. I appreciate the support either way. Peace!!
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