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Paper Chaser Boyz
Paper Chaser Boyz
11 Tracks
Rap, R & B, Hip Hop, and other music, paperchaserboyz,paperchaser
Mike X, Paper, Kross, & Dub A.K.A WJ is the first artist on the Paper chaser Records Label. MikeX, Paper & Dub grow up in Miami, Florida & Kross grow up in Tampa, Florida. Although all of us comes from different acts of life we all have one dream that is togo to the top of the rap charts. Recently we signed the First Lady Rapper of Paper Chaser records Tee from Polk County That girl is bad!!! so to all you female Rappers who think you doing your thing you better watch your back, She's coming to get you. Check her out track 2: Get up on it.
Band/artist history
Paper Chaser Click: MikeX, Kross, Smoked Out, and Tee Home Town: MikeX & Smoke Out (Mia) Kross (Hills Bourgh County) Tee ( Haines City) D.O.B.: Mikex (03-13-71) Kross (01-20-77) Smoked Out (04-01-83) Tee (03-10-86) The Paper Chaser Click is made up of artist from 3 different groups ( Paper Chaser Boyz), (Entourage), & (Wet) from the Paper Chaser Records Corp. Label. The Paper Chaser Click is known for Perfection, Creativity, and being Realistic with our sounds and lyrics. We dont only reach Hop Hip crowds but we are also active in our community supporting different causes to reach our generation. In Dec. of 2004 we was proud participants of The Violence Not Included rapper convention located in West Palm Beach, Florida given in the effort to stop some of the killing of our kids that was taking place. We also write & created the theme song for the event (Violence Not Included). Paper Chaser Records Corp. didnt stop there we continue to support the cause by marching in the (Miami) Dr. Martin Luther King Parade and Performing at the USA flea market for Black History Month. As of today we performed all over Florida promoting our smash single Head Bounce, Which reached the top 50 hip hip carts at Flamingo Record Pool the first week out. Our music Motivates, Educates, and on top of all the Positives aspects of life, We make music that allows everyone to have fun. After All thats whats Music is all about!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we perform live rap shows at different outing like Goom Bay festival, Arabian Night festival, Splash down, Clubs and any where else that request us. Since we love making music so much I would have to say most of our special moments comes when we in the studio (UNDERGROUND SOCIETY PRODUCTIONS: 954-983-9372) making and creating hit records.
Your musical influences
Just to name a few of our musical inflences would be hard I mean they start with Topac & DMX and the list goes on and on.
Anything else?
One time for Lott Production on the beats for Mad Man & Going to the top, Head Bounce and etc. Check him out on soundclick.com, Lott Prodution under artist search. Check Us out on www.myspace.com/paperchaserclick1 and at Paper Chaser Radio www.live365.com/stations/mikex1?play if you have track that you want played Contact MikeX.
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