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As I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dying
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94 Hours
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LINE-UP Tim Lambesis Vocals Jordan Mancino Drums Nick Hipa Guitar Phillip Sgrosso Guitar Clint Noris Bass As I Lay Dying is not the type of band to let their music become stagnant. Instead they strive to make the best music they can while constantly pushing themselves to the limits. Their songs are not written to achieve mainstream success, but to win over their fans both old and new. Their debut Metal Blade release titled Frail Words Collapse delivers 12 brutal and emotionally driven songs that are sure to capture both metal and hardcore audiences alike. Transitioning seamlessly from precise melodies to neck snapping rhythms Frail Words Collapse has undoubtedly become one of the years heaviest and most memorable records.
Band/artist history
Already known as road warriors by fans and bands alike, As I Lay Dying have been touring relentlessly since a month before the albums release on July 1, 2003. Touring with acts like Chimaira, Soilwork, Sworn Enemy, Haste, Bleeding Through, label mates Six Feet Under and The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying have shown that they will stop at nothing to show everyone what they are about the music. Known for being one of the most energetic bands out on the road As I Lay Dying performs every song with the same raw emotion that went into the recording. Making so many new fans just off a single live show As I Lay Dying is clearly taking a hold of the underground scene creating street cred that will never falter. With a video for 94 Hours in constant rotation on both MTV2s Headbangers Ball and FUSEs Uranium As I Lay Dying has been catching attention and turning heads all over the US! Including the popular chain of retail stores Hot Topic who has been carrying and selling through the bands CDs and t-shirts faster then they can be replaced. The band also held onto the #1 spot for most downloaded metal song on MP3 for over 6 months before the site closed down in December. Without a doubt AILD is not a band to be ignored and 2004 will undeniably be the year that As I Lay Dying will dominate the scene by touring through the end of the year and working on material for a new album. You have been warned.