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Money Hungry Music (Fame and Papes)
Money Hungry
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Welcome Home Freestyle
Welcome Home Rom Da Don
Gone Deal Wit Me feat Bigg Stratt
Strat's B-Day Freestyle - Updated
Remixed Version
Hold You Down Remix feat S.K. and Nina Sky
Remix...They didnt do this joint justice...So I had to put an MH twist on it...Enjoy bi***es!!!
Money Hungry is a group, a crew and a family. Soon to be a label and production company. We are currently in the process of releasing an underground album called "Money Hungry: Fame & Papes". We've been getting alot of good feed back and we're coming from all angles with a twist of MH. Be on the look out for us in the near near future. We coming to take the game back to 94'. One Hundred Percent.
Band/artist history
We been crew for over 10 years but we been a band for the last 4 years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We rhyme all the time...Constantly coming up wit ideas. Whether I'm wit the crew smoking and shyt or if I'm alone chilling smoking @ 4am in the morning..I'm always thinking bout Money Hungry. Its in our blood.
Your musical influences
Influences consist of early hip hop from 87 to the present. Classical music, Conga Drums and Jazz also.
What equipment do you use?
None of ya Biznazz!!!
Anything else?
Yeah...One Luv to OT Kayo Ess, Bless Entertainment, My whole Money Hungry clique, to my direct family (so many of ya'll!). Thanks to my girl and my Mother for all of their support (if it wasnt for yall I couldnt even do any of this shyt, thank you). Thanks to my nikka Jay Luv whose always showing much luv to Money Hungry. One love to my nikka Eliyahu Allen RIP. I do this for you. And to my nikka Povade...You are forever in my prayers...I'm waiting for you to come home so we can do this Money Hungry thang 100%. One
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