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Akoustik Timbre Frekuency
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency utilises various techniques including alpha/theta/beta waves, samples of Ritual Instruments from around thee world, electronik soundsk
10 songs
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Sekluded Rites of thee
This komposition was inspired by thee Muziks of Tamerlan, to whom this is dedikated...
Kalibration of thee Gods
This is an mp3 of thee sekond komposition from thee new 'Kthonik Korridors' album (out 15th March). It was used as thee soundtrak to thee short film of thee same title by Madguten.
Piercing Thee Veil of Re-Birth
This was kreated to be used as an Initiation tool and utilises synthesis, chanting, taiko and frame drums, singing bowls and chewing sounds...
Geometrik Obsessions
This was kreated shortly after thee new album (Memetik Etchings) was kompleted and signifies a new, darker sound...
Eruptions of Nefarious Daemons
Ritual Ambient kreated using bowed instruments, conch horns, metal perkussion, chants and elektronik soundscapes.
Kalibration of thee Gods
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency utilises various tekniques including alpha/theta/beta waves, samples of Ritual Instruments from around thee world, electronik soundskapes and thee Magikal use of voice and language. These are formulated into 2 specifik katagories. Firstly there is what they call ?Akoustik Sigils? ? Praktikal Muziks that can be used to programme thee listener with thee Intent ov each track. These have mantras that have been kreated as part of a Rite, and thee Muziks will be programmed with this Intent in mind (Thee same as a Sentence Ov Desire within orthodox Magick). Others are what have been termed ?General Ritual Intensifiers.? These are not produced with any specifik aim other than to help thee listener ?loosen the shackles of their soul? as Crowley put it? Thee result is a kombination of Akoustik and Elektronik textures that attempts to induce thee listener into a receptive state of konsciousness to be used as he or she sees fit. It is a Sonik Tool?
Band/artist history
I have been experimenting with sound and altered states of consciousness for about 11 years now. Gradually over time I began to notice that certain frequencies produce certain effects. This was when I started to refine the sounds and try to produce specific effects. I also started to experiment with using Hypnotic Loops. This was how ATF was formed. Through this Projekt I began looking at different styles of ritual muzick from around the world and finding the tonal qualities, Frequencies, Rhythms, etc that produced these trance states. I also started looking into Barbarous Languages and the Magickal use of Voice. This has all been incorporated into ATF. I have also started to add many field recordings from a variety of sources including nature parks, faktories, Friday nights when thee pubs close, graveyards, etc...These are manipulated to bring about a dream-like quality to sounds that may usually be familiar to thee listener...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live when I can. I enjoy performing live as I can become totally entranced within the Muziks..Rather like a shamanik muzik rite...This can bring about some very intense and enjoyable journeys for me personally and the hopefully thee audience as well...My 'special moment' was being invited to play under the streets of Arnhem, Holland within the Medieval Cellars. Whilst there I also took part in a radio interview at the Museum of Modern Art...
Your musical influences
Coil, Zero Kama, Tibetan Ritual Muziks, Tuvan&Mongolian Throat Singing, Psychoakoustiks, Thee physiks of sound, William Burroughs, Shamanik Muziks...
What equipment do you use?
Analogue keyboards, Soft Synths, Reason 2, Minidisc Recorder, Tibetan Horns, Singing Bowls, Aura Chimes, Cymbals, Stereo Mics, Guitar (strung and detuned in a random order), Outboard FX...
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