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Latin Hip Hop
Tragiko a Colombian born Mc...has been in the Latin Hip Hop scene since the early 90's. His a pioneer which has always been ahead of his time. He is known for having more conexions in the game than the Medellin Cartel. His list of accomplishments are longer than Pablo Escobar's Rap sheet.
Band/artist history
Latin rap has been in the underground Hip Hop scene dating back to the early 80's. Even though Latinos have been part of the building blocks of this culture, the music in their own language has been slept on, ignored, and not properly promoted, due to the lack of support from the radio stations, promoters, distribution outlets, and labels. This is the biggest obstacle Latino rap artists have to over come. Now that Hip Hop is the most influential universal culture and that Latinos are the largest minority group in the US the doors are starting to creep wide open. A breed new of Spanglish Rap is about to unfold. From a war torn country run by drug smuggling, corrupt politics, and guerrilla terrorist comes a Locombian MC called Tragiko. This Colombian bred lyrical hit man is about shift gears on how Latin Rap is heard around the world by terrorizing Mcs and smuggling the most uncut pure rhythms (Salsa, Cumbias, Vallenatos, Bachata, etc...) with some grimy beats to kidnap the listener and revolt against the mainstream view of Latin Rap wit a Spanglish lyrical warfare. Tragiko has his rap origins in the violent streets of Cali Colombia. He now resides in Chicago. In 2000 he got together with another Colombian rapper named Carnicero and formed the group Trafikantez. Together they inked the blue print to start off the new millennium. Trafikantez became one of the most controversial and innovating groups in the underground. In 2001 he recorded their first demo album with Carnicero. With beat production from Matt Warren, DNA, and a fusion of Salsa/Vallenato/Hip Hop they earned fascinating reviews and a buzz in the underground scene. As expected Tragiko turn his full attention to taking this business seriously. In 2003 with Trafikantez he released his most anticipated independent album " De Cali-Dad, Por Cantidad" under their own independent label. For this album they recruited an array of talented upcoming producers from Chicago such as Tony Vinyl, Shabazz, DNA. Tragiko also built a network of artists ranging from different cities in the US, Latin America, and Europe. As the result of this network built on hard work and dedication he is planning in releasing a collaboration album with the top Colombian rappers residing in US and in Colombia called "Locombian Conexionz". His vision is to unite different artists and create a Rap Cartel that will innovate and strategically change the Hip Hop game forever. He also help create and engineer his own label called "Smuggla Entertainment". Currently he finished his solo album called " El J. Kapo" with the beat production from Tony Vinyl, Soul Theory, and Tragiko himself. He also has a new management team called Tropical Productions LTD. Together with an exceptional production and management team he is set to take the world by storm. His musical creativity is pondered on bringing his own true life stories and to be the voice for does that can not be heard. His flexibility on different styles of Hip Hop makes him remarkable and extremely versatile. Without a doubt Tragiko is one hell of a Hip Hop artist to be reckon with, and is in full throttle to take Latin rap to the next level for all Hip Hop fans now and in the future to come.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Man I love touring...I was in a tour at the end of 2003 in Colombia. My most special moment was performing in front of 1000's in my own city of Cali, Colombia.
Your musical influences
Tragikos beats are an insight to his Spanish roots. Not only does he have his Hip Hop influences varying from the likes of Mellow Man Ace, Kool G. Rap, Cypress Hill, Beatnuts, Funkdoobiest, Wu-Tang Clan, L.L. Cool J, Nas, Rakim, Big Pun, Biggie, 2pac, Frost, Vico C, Wycleff, but he also has influences from Spanish musical artists like Grupo Niche, Hector Lavoe, Fruko, La Fania, Ralphy Leavitt, Gran Combo, Piper Pimienta, Santana, Leo Dan, Roberto Carlos, y Joe Arroyo. His musical goal is to capture the Spanish and English markets worldwide.
Anything else?
Go check out my new website: www.jkapo.com
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