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Young L Productions
Young L Productions
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A Rap Production company run by 17-year-old Lloyd Young L Omadhebo.
Hey wassup this is the Young L Prodcution page. It includes beats by me,Young L, along with songs by artists involved in the Young L production movement.
Band/artist history
For those who don't know my name is Lloyd Omadhebo. I was born in Oakland California and lived most of my life in Berkeley. I first started making beats with Fruity Loops. It started out as just messing around, but after a while it became an obsession. I used fruity loops for about half a year, just making beats and every once in a while selling them for a couple bucks. After a while I decided I was serious about making beats and I wanted better equipment. I went down to a music store near my house with my dad and looked for something new. I had heard from a friend about MIDI keyboards and how I could hook one up to my computer, so I asked an employee about it. He told me I could get a small MIDI keyboard for $115, but he said that's not all I needed. He told me I had to have some program to channel the sounds from the keyboard to the computer. He told me my best bet was a program called Reason. The program wasn't cheap, but my dad spoils me so he bought it for me. I still use Reason now and have been for about half a year. I haven't worked with many people but here are a few: Franchise from nightrider records, Eight Jules, Bullet Proof, Beazy and a couple more. Both of my parents used to be musicians. My dad played drums professionally and my mom played guitar professionally. I guess you could say music is in my blood. My dad recently gave me an MPC200XL but I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
People who I produce do perform. They have performed at different locations, from local clubs in Alameda CA, to larger places like Space550(also in California).
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by many different kinds of music. My first love was hip hop so that's what i chose to persue that with my production. My top 10 favorite rap/hip hop artists/groups of all time are as follows: 1:Jay Z 2:Kanye West 3:Young Gunz 4:Peedi Crack 5:Cam'ron 6:Twista 7:Juelz Santana 8:Keak Da Sneak 9:Outkast 10:The Whose State Property
What equipment do you use?
For making beats i use the following: 1:Midi Keyboard 2:HP Computer 3:Reason 3 Software 4:Pre amp + Mic Cords 5:My Mic
Anything else?
Wolfpack is the crew suckas.
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