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Stiletto Silhouette
Stiletto Silhouette
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Metal, Stiletto, Silhouette, Heavy, Rock, Loud, hard cocks, shit eaters, Cher, dont think
Awakening With Cyanide
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Unyielding Magdalene
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Cant Satiate Non-Belief(Live)
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Website: www.geocities.com/stilettosilhouette2 Based in San Diego, Stiletto Silhouette will kick your ass! And that's putting it lightly. Jason (Vocals), Chris (Guitars), Gabe (Guitars), Elijah (Bass), and Drew (Drums) concoct a sound that is confusing, and at the same time earth shattering. Focusing nihilistic views lyrically, and straight-up metal musically, this is not the everyday, mechanized sound you hear weakly protruding out of the radio waves these days...
Band/artist history
Stiletto Silhouette started out as a garage rock band called The Anix in the late summer of 2004. They discovered that not only one, but a couple of bands already had that name, including a San Diego local band. When they saw "The Anix" was playing a show at The Epicentre only 4 weeks after playing with the current line up, they became dilligent in creating new and exciting music to impress the croud of that first show. However, it was "the other The Anix" that had been booked... Nonetheless, the band practiced, acquired a new name and designed a symbol to be related to that name : -- The early stages of Stiletto Silhouette went through a few line up changes in vocalists (including the aptly named Emo Queen) and one bassist. Stiletto Silhouette has always been Chris, Gabe, and Drew, and what a combonation!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live locally in San Diego, and have reached northwards as far as Los Angeles so far. Playing live is like nothing else, we love it. Soon, we'll be playing in Pheonix, Las Vegas, and Mexico.
Your musical influences
Dont expect anything. We'll take what you know of modern heavy music and fuck it backwards...twice. Or maybe we're everything you have expected. Either way, we'll give you an experience.
What equipment do you use?
Our guitarists use and endorse Halo guitars, www.haloguitars.com. Gabe: Halo Invert, Marshall Head and Cab, Crybaby Wah, Digitec Whammy. Chris: Halo JLP-VI, B-52 Head and Cab, Noise Reduction Pedal. Elijah: Ernie Ball Musicman Bass, Carvin Head and Cab, Digitec Bass Distortion Pedal. Drew: DW 5-piece, Porkpie snare, Zildjiian Cymbals, Gabe's asscrack. Jason: Peavey Mic, Line-6 Echo Park Pedal.
Anything else?
I once had a dream where i was holding a gun like Duke Nukem or Doom, but it was Earthworm Jim's laser gun. I went around shooting zombie KKK members, and they spurted green glowing blood. I walked outside and it cut to a letterbox view like at a theatre and there were thousands of KKK members marching down the street killing everybody. Then i woke up.
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