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Lowell Pelkey
riff-heavy rock & melodic instrumental guitar music in all styles
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Liquid Motion Experiment #2 [demo]
This is an instrumental piece I cooked up. I was basically trying to rip off an old Pink Floyd style beat and modernize the feel.
A Little Bubbly [demo]
A slower tempo, bluesy, spacy, free-form instrumental.
Unspoken [Infidel demo]
This is a mid-tempo rocker about my take on a bum I saw under Union Station in downtown Seattle.
Distractions [live instrumental]
This is an instrumental piece I get alot of positive feedback from. It's live, and heavy on the delay. There's another version of this around somewhere without all the effects, but people seem to like this one.
Distractions [live instrumental, dry]
This is another version of the tune Distractions; it's not drowned in effects and sounds a little more like I planned.
i play guitar, used to sing lead. i can make my way around on keys & can hit drums enough to get a real drummer in the groove. used to play mostly heavy stuff, but now songs just go where they go...could be anywhere. i listen to jazz more than i used to, and find things i like all over: hard rock, pop, old country, jazz, jam bandselectric/acoustic/vocal/instrumentalwhatever. i played in groups for years; haven't for a long time. lately it sounds fun again, so i'll be workin' on new stuff. i’d rather put together a group than join one, unless i find something perfect. rather not front a group this time. lots of old stuff posted right now; check it out, and hit me up if you want to jam. constructive feedback always appreciated- PEACE lowell
Your musical influences
i admire different bands for different reasons...Rush is a perfect example of excellent musicianship and exploring different time signatures, and pushing the bounds of what a rock song is. early Aerosmith was great for their grindy blues feel. ACDC's Back In Black is probably in the top 5 of AOR albums of all time- anthemic rock at its finest. bands like The Eagles and Bad Company wrote great music which wasn't drowned in effects to find its voice. i admire most players who have an original vision and work toward achieving a unique sound...people that can play their instruments and aren't afraid to play from the heart. i love old Pink Floyd records- that whole acidspacerock thing they had was unique and powerful. i listened to the Beatles a lot when i was young, still dig a lot of bands from the 60s and early 70s. Page & Hendrix were both virtuoso improvisers; everyone can learn something from them. bands like Def Leppard and Journey pretty much perfected the art of melodic pop-rock, their stuff influenced me alot. Satriani's solo stuff is amazing...the guy could go bananas all day but he knows when to stick with something simple and tasteful and puts just as much into those phrases. i could go on and on...there's something valuable in all kinds of music. i'm not sure my music really sounds like any of these guys, but there are prob'ly little influences from all of them all over it. the trick is to figure out what you like, then do something new with it.
What equipment do you use?
i play a Jackson Soloist, and a hollow-body Tele that inherited from my grandfather who was also a musician- and a great guy. i have a Dean Markley 2x12 combo amp, a Randall head, a GK head, a Randall 4x12 cab that i love, another 4x12 cab i inherited from Chris Hao (thanks Chris), a Digitech GSP2101 for processing. i use Cool Edit and Cubase for recording, looping, & mixing. i have an old upright piano that i bang on. wish i had a Les Paul and a decent acoustic...
Anything else?
listen to my stuff! gimme some feedback- good or bad, thumbs up or down- constructive criticism is always appreciated. PEACE
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