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Planet Creep
Planet Creep
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Planet Creep: Stomping, pitching mix of surf instrumentals en sixties garagerock.
Mars Mothership
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Scene 12, take 1
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Surf and garage rock means high energy and high sounds and it is not played for fame and fortune. It's played for fun, for the ultimate feeling. Keywords: rough, tough, dirty, greasy, porn, romance, hotrods, movie score, humor, sci-fi, mystery, melancholy and fresh motor oil covered californian surf waves. Surf and garage has been developing itself for over 45 years. The movement has never been a prominent one nor was it on top of the charts. And that is a good thing! Planet Creep makes a deliciously pounding and rattling mix of surf instrumentals and garage rock with a touch of sci-fi and rockabilly and does this in an incredible way. Planet Creep sticks to those all-time style elements such as a slightly out of tune squealing, shrieking sound of the guitar, the wining jangling twangs of the bass. And drums, yes the drums are like a stampede of wild animals that ran amuck.
Band/artist history
A short introduction of the threesome Planet Creep: * founded in April 2001 and ever since then has consisted of: o Guitar, Vocals: Remi Groot o Drums & Cymbals: Bertwin van Avezaath o Bass Guitar: Rogier Weenen * repetoire: o 100% titles all self-made, self-produced Feats: * demo June 2001 (sold out, yes! weve run out) * a lot of airplay, especially in California USA at KFJC (Phil Dirt) and WOBC (Thom Hinders) * a splashy website of their own with amongst others a biography, lots of pics, audio and videos, gig schedule and a message board * Three instro's have been published on GuitarMania #18 (Rarity Records) * Successful performances in the Netherlands and abroad with amongst others: Tijuana Bibles, Mimirock, Magnetic IV, The Travoltas, Killer Bananazz and Dr Reverb. At amongst others W2, 013, Para and Mezz * Created a CD on their own. One hour of music, DIY edition, 'full length' CD The name: Self Service