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Ugliness Man
23 Tracks
ugli music for an ugli world
i am Ugliness Man. i do weird experimental electronic music. i discovered about 2 years after i started doing this stuff that there's a genre name for it, "glitch". i like that. i was going with the basic "experimental", but i really like "glitch". so, welcome to my weirdness.
Band/artist history
I started doing electronic music in the late 90s under the name toAst (sometimes toastTRAX). The stuff was pretty lame, unoriginal, kinda commercial, but I enjoyed the process. I gave it a rest for awhile, but then got back into it in early 2002. I was attempting to do a cover/remix of a song by Adiemus, when I discovered that if I tried to convert the song from one format to another in the program I was using, it mutated it and made it something entirely different. This became my first glitch song "Sanctuary", after I cleaned it up and remixed it a bit. eventually, I pounded together 10 songs that became the album "Room", which never had any official sort of "release" except about 6 cassette copies that a local coffee shop sold, and 1 CD copy that I burned for myself and lost a few months later. Then Piehead Records contacted me and asked if I'd like to contribute to their 2003 series of 3" CDs. I prepared about 20 minutes worth of music, and it was released on Piehead Records on May 11, 2003, as "Interim". Due to many events and life changes, including a fire that claimed all my equipment, the Ugliness Man music is on indefinite hiatus. Once a decent stock of gear is established, hopefully I can rise from the ashes.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i haven't started doing gigs yet, as my music is sequenced, and a performance would be little more than me loading a song and clicking "play". but i'm starting to work more with my "gear" to teach myself to do live shows
Your musical influences
Pole, David Kristian, The User, John Oswald, Devo, Brian Eno
What equipment do you use?
All my gear was lost in a fire in 2004. I'm currently operating with just a single Win2k desktop computer, and trying to learn some tricks on a Win98 laptop. Hopefully I'll have a synth, turntable and mixer by the end of the year.
Anything else?
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