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Jackson Wagner
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Burn (OLD)
This is one of my oldest tracks, a demo called Burn. I havent done anything with it in over a year but it may be coming back soon ;)
Eternal (OWP DEMO)
This is the demo of a song I wrote with my band "Of Wars Past." Its got an interesting song structure but I am quite fond of this one.
Electric Shores
Finished it! I kinda feel a little dumb for posting a 6 month old demo and finishing it like a day later but whatever lol. This has an updated drum mix and is obviously longer.
Macroaggressions (RPS DEMO)
Wrote this earlier in the year for a concept album I'm working on with my band RPS.
Fever Dream (ROUGH DEMO)
This was pretty much my first venture into actual djent. I was working on this one around the same time as Wishful Thinking but it wasn't really doing it for me. I might revive some of the riffs in here eventually.
Hello! My name is Jackson and I write music, mainly in the styles of progressive metal and djent. I am 18 years old.
Band/artist history
Well, I picked up my dad's electric guitar in late 2019, and haven't put it down since. My dad is a drummer, so the drums were my first love. However, we lived in a small house and practicing was out of the question. Out of impatience, I picked up the guitar. Soon after, I started writing my own music and became obsessed with not only the creative side of music, but the production. I am an avid audio engineering enthusiast and will soon be majoring in audio production at the University of Central Oklahoma.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
A few times. The music scene in Sioux City is mainly bluegrass and country, so I'm basically the only guy around here playing djent. For a while, I would frequent the weekly open mic night at a nearby venue (nothing like thunderous djent music to follow up an acoustic ballad, am I right?) Being as young as I am, there aren't too many opportunities to play my music in front of a real audience. However, I play live at a local summer music camp every year. During one of my performances this year, I spawned a literal moshpit in a classical recital hall. While blindfolded! (Long story...)
Your musical influences
My two favorite bands are Periphery and Dream Theater. John Petrucci, Misha Mansoor, and Mark Holcomb are some of my biggest inspirations. My main audio engineering influence is Adam "Nolly" Getgood.
What equipment do you use?
I'm broke, so I've had to strategically choose my gear based on maximum bang-for-the-buck value. I have a SBMM JP-70 7-string and a Schecter Stealth C-1 6-string guitar. I use a Focusrite Scarlett USB interface to run everything into Reaper. I use GetGood Drums's libraries to program drums, with various virtual instruments and plugins for everything else. I typically use Neural DSP plugins and ML Soundlab IRs for my guitar tones.
Anything else?
My music is not very mainstream, so any support that you can give me really helps. Following me on my socials and listening to my full releases on Spotify are just a few ways to really help me out.
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