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The Sloe Guns
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Miniature epics... with tight harmonies and instrumental interplay.... tall tales with all sorts of Americana allusions...--Country Standard Time. Dueling guit
Wild Sun
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Into the Sun
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Cradle of the Night
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Guardian Angel
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Not many bands in America today combine musical integrity with great commercial appeal and solid musicianship. The sloe guns are one of these bands. Combining great songwriting, memorable hooks and lyrics, creative harmonies, and some of the best musicianship since Duane and Dickie started duelin’, the sloe guns are a reminder that there’s still commercially-viable down-to-earth American music. Think a hard-rockin Neil Young and Crazy Horse with the memorable songs of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The sloe guns give hope to music lovers everywhere who are tired of the infantile Brittany/Back Street flavor-of-the-years that are cramming the airwaves with pre-pubescent junk. With roots going back to the best of American and British invasion 60s and 70s rock, the sloe guns are proof that high-quality grassroots rock-n-roll is alive and well in America. Country Standard Time calls their songs “miniature epics... with tight harmonies and instrumental interplay.... tall tales with all sorts of Americana allusions... with references throughout, from Crazy Horse to the Wallflowers...” Time Out New York writes: “the quartet’s Southern rock cruises with a classic feel, with an emphasis on the “rock” rather than the “Southern” part. Not unlike the Band and other ‘70s stuff.” Trifecta reports “Dueling guitar ferocity and soaring Americana-flavored rock anthems.” To get a copy of our cd "Last Will and Testament" go to www.cdbaby.com/sloeguns or send $12 (cash, check or Money order) made out to: Eric Alter, 900 WEA Suite #3A, NYC 10025. Thank you!
Band/artist history
The Sloe-Guns have been recording and gigging around New York for about 8 years. The sloe guns are: Eric Alter writing the songs, singing and playing rhythm guitar, Mick Izzo on lead guitar and vocals, Robert Klein on the bass, and Rick Sperber playing drums & percussion. You can check out two new tunes off of our latest, "Sun Sessions" and a couple of others off of our CD "Last Will & Testament."-- Give them a spin & tell us what you think.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play at Tribeca Rock Club, Southpaw, Sin-e, Arlenes Grocery, Lakeside Lounge, Continental, The Rodeo Bar & most other cool NYC venues we can get our boots into. The sloe guns' live shows are what makes this band special. Come check us out one of these days!
Your musical influences
We have our own sound but it's rooted in the best of American southern-influenced popular music: Think a hard-rockin Tom Petty with the commercial appeal of Creedence Clearwater Revival. We also have a little alt-country in our blood, but we rock a little harder then they do, and we haven't yet had a violin on any of our tunes, although we do have an occassional mandolin and pedal steel.
What equipment do you use?
We're an Americana roots rock band, so we use vintage American gear: 60s Telecaster thru a Fender Super, Les Paul through a Marshall, Fender Jazz and Rickenbacker basses, Ludwig drums. Vintage gear never goes out of style... it just sounds better and better.
Anything else?
There's a lot of good undiscovered bands all over America. We think we have a unique combination of influences that makes our music accessible to a lot of music lovers of all ages and types. Once folks hear us, they usually really dig where we're coming from. All we ask is that people give us a listen with an open mind, because we're laying down some beautiful music. Great songs, great playing and great harmonies. And we love playing live, and it shows.
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