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Kingpins (The)
Kingpins (The)
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Their set is dominated by their own 80’s flavoured compositions (described by music lovers as Elvis Costello’s pop influence meets Blondie with a touch of new-w
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The Kingpins are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and launching a 6th studio release in June 2004. The band is touring through the States and Canada in May and June 2004! They recently played sold out shows at the Magic Stick in Detroit (500 people) and the Metro in Chicago (1,100 people) and last summer played to a very vocal 50,000 strong crowd at the Montreal Int'l Jazz Festival - not to mention several appearances on the Warped Tour. They have been featured on TV, Video channels and film soundtracks. This high-energy uplifting female fronted band plays a unique blend of ska. Their set is dominated by their own 80s flavoured compositions (described by music lovers as Elvis Costellos pop influence meets Blondie with a touch of new-wave), some traditional rocksteady ballads sung by The Queen of Ska herself as well as instrumentals. They WILL get your crowd dancing! Press photos (large files) http://thekingpins.com/press.htm Professional Video: http://www.unionlabelgroup.com/Avid/index.htm MP3s (none from the forthcoming album yet) and random tour photos, posters. http://thekingpins.com/see.htm Biography http://thekingpins.com/biography.htm
Band/artist history
The band was formed ten years ago and recently underwent a major facelift. This newer energy and mind-blowing line-up is stronger than ever! We do not sit on our past achievements at all. We respect where we came from while forging a new direction and redefining a musical genre.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We LOVE to tour!!! Our favourite show in recent memory had to be the Montreal Jazz Fest last year where 50,000 people stayed for our full set and applauded madly between each song! We've had shows shut down by the cops in France, we've played from the tiniest dives to the biggest of festivals and everything in between!
Your musical influences
Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Blondie. We're dabbling more in electro alternative underground 80's whil maintaining a connection with ska in all its waves trad rocksteady
What equipment do you use?
Nord module for keyboards... yamaha saxophones tenor and baritone.
Anything else?
Bring it on...