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Cynical Renegade
Alternative Rock band, based in the West Midlands, UK... Multiple genres. Original music.
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11 Psychosis
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07 Take the Power Back
We're a band of music-loving people, based in the UK [West Midlands]. We write our own music and, when opportunity arises, gig locally. Each of us has different influences so, although we call ourselves an 'alternative' band, we're more fusion and never know what style of music we'll end up writing next.
Band/artist history
The band began in 2013 when our original guitarist and our vocalist, got together to write some songs. We were more hard rock back then but after the guitarist left, we went through several personnel changes and, as that happened, so our styles shifted and changed. The only person in the band who was there right at the beginning, is the vocalist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We've done a number of charity gigs and support gigs. Unfortunately, during the Pandemic, our brilliant drummer had to quit to focus on work. We've struggled to find a new drummer, but recently we played at a charity gig for Youth Against Poverty, with pre-recorded backing drum tracks and it worked out fine.
Your musical influences
We have several influences, from punk, to classic rock, to prog rock, jazz, blues and more. Our vocalist literally listens to all kinds of music, including prog, classical, jazz, hiphop, blues, country, soul and world music. Our keyboard player also plays in a Pink Floyd tribute band. Our bassist plays in a Queen tribute band and one of our guitarists plays in a punk covers band.
What equipment do you use?
I'm the vocalist so not the man to answer this question. I'll find out from the band and let you know.
Anything else?
We are open to charities using our music free of charge, as long as the band gets clear credit.
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