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Send Me
Send Me plays Christian contemporary music in a variety of styles. Over 100 songs are available here for free download.
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To Find Your Heart
This song is like a prayer to grow closer to God
Found My Way
Music by Jeff Leslie and Jeff Conte. Lyrics, Production by Jeff Leslie. Vocals, guitar by Jeff Conte.
A New Heavens and A New Earth
This song is based on Isaiah 62 and John 17. It is a celebration of the coming Kingdom of God and Christ
A Wicked Man Flees
A folk tune based on Proverbs 28:1
glory cloud
Welcome to the Send Me band page. Here you will find many songs all available for free download. These are original "Jesus" songs in a variety of styles. These are songs from the heart. Some are meant to be uplifting, while others reflect times of life's trials, others are worshipful, some are lessons. If you listen and like something please drop me a message and let me know. It would encourage me to keep going.
Band/artist history
I was "born again" in 1971 and almost immediately switched from writing soft-rock songs to Jesus-music. Actually it was no switch at all in style, only in subject matter. There was no CCM at the time. Somehow a local traveling music ministry grew out of helping lead worship at a "Jesus house" meeting, and for several years that was a major activity in my life. But it passed, and I was dormant in that regard for quite some years. I began writing again in the early 90's and have continued to the present. I have been a worship leader or instrumentalist on worship teams at various times, though at present my energy is focused on writing and recording.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Send Me is based in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area.
Your musical influences
All kinds of influences from pop, rock, folk, country, later on Christian musicians, anything I've ever listened to is in there some how.
What equipment do you use?
'77 Guild acoustic, Variax 700 electric, Roland / Rogers W50 keyboard, POD XT Live, Behringer B-2 and SM57 mics, Reason 6.5, Audacity, Behringer small mixer with effects.
Anything else?
In this "anything" spot, please allow me to share the most important message I know of - the message of Jesus Christ. If you do not know if you would go to heaven when you die, then you can, if you place all your faith and trust in one person - Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came down from heaven to die for our sins, and rose again from the dead. He is now at the right hand of God the Father. He is the only way to heaven. There is no other way. And he loves you. You were born a sinner, but Jesus came to save you from your sins. No amount of good works can erase your sin. Only the blood of Jesus can do that. He was the perfect Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice for our sins. All you need to do is place your trust in him today. Believe that He is the Son of God who died on the cross so you can have eternal life. Believe in your heart that He rose from the dead. The moment you accept Him as your savior, you become a new person, "born again" and truly free of sin. He then comes to live in you, and you have eternal life. He told us when he was on earth that whoever comes to him, he will in nowise cast out. And he told us that if we believe in him we know that we have eternal life. This life is like a river of living water flowing from our belly. A wellspring inside us springing up to everlasting life. This is the life of the Spirit of God who comes to live in us when we believe in Jesus. And He will never leave us or forsake us. If you don't know Him, it only takes a simple sincere prayer of faith. Confess to Him that you know you are a sinner and you know that you need Him to be saved. Then ask Him to come into your heart. If you do this with sincere faith you will be saved - it can be right now as you read this. Just bow your head and pray that simple prayer. No one else needs to hear you. God knows your heart. You can be assured that God will keep you and never let you go. But you need to read the Bible and pray to stay close to Him. Then you will hear his voice in your heart and you will be guided by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will change you. You will find that you want to be pure and holy, and not live the way you used to live. You will want to give up old bad habits and you will want to be with other Christians. To live a happy Christian life you need to stay close to God, and you need to meet regularly with other Christians, as in a church or home group. There you can share the spiritual gifts God will give you to build up the rest of the group. This is vital to continuing to live a victorious Christian life that is happy and abundant. If you stay alone you will not lose your salvation but you may not grow as you should. And you want to experience all God has for you. So find a group of Christians to fellowship with. Be sure they have the essential beliefs of Christianity and are not a cult though. What do real Christians believe? Well, there are some things not all Christians agree on, but here are the ones that can't be argued about, that they all believe: - Christians believe there is only one God. who is eternally existent in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. - Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and is God. - They believe that He died for their sins and rose from the dead, literally. - Christians believe that there is no other way to be saved except through Jesus Christ. No other god, man or prophet can save us. There is no other way to get to heaven without faith in Jesus Christ. - Christians believe Jesus returned to heaven to be seated at the right hand of God the Father, and that the Holy Spirit, who is also God, was sent to us to help us live the Christian life and to impart gifts to us. - Christians believe that Jesus will come again to take us to Himself and then to judge the world. - Christians believe that there is a real hell and that all unsaved persons will go there. - Christians believe the Bible is the true Word of God. If you prayed a simple prayer to accept Jesus as your savior, let me say a few words to you: You are now born again and saved! So begin to read the Bible and pray every day, to get closer to God. Be humble and let God change your ways and your heart. And find a true Christian church that believes what Christians all believe. Be baptized as soon as possible, because Jesus told us to do that, and it is what he did as an example for us. God will help you now for the rest of your life. You belong to him and are beloved of him as his adopted child. Sin has no power over you anymore. And you will live forever. To those who are not Christians yet, let me say this: - Thanks for reading this message. I know how it is to be unbelieving. I was once an agnostic. But Jesus changed my life. Perhaps today is not your day, but remember that God is always only a prayer away. Remember you can call on his name at any moment, during any crisis and He will hear you. Just cry out to him.
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