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let it go to really love me
I am a producer out of St Louis been music for 20 years looking to promote my music I do not have any artist I am just a producer just trying to get my songs out there to have a legacy before I leave this Earth.
Band/artist history
Young nerdy kid St Louis my cousin Arthur was a producer and he finally showed me how to make music still trying to become better still need a lot of help with learning how to make music. But I'm pretty good at it
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never perform for anyone or have my music out there where people can listen to it I mean I have songs on SoundCloud for 6 years and my music haven't moved anywhere or gather views that I was hoping to look for I have two accounts on SoundCloud first one is DJ lack 4. An my other account is Matthew Blair with more music on it
Your musical influences
I'm an old school my heroes and music industry KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Kool Moe Dee, Tupac, biggie smalls, and etc
What equipment do you use?
The only thing I have as an equipment is a desktop computer
Anything else?
I'm from St Louis no one really knows me I don't really have music out there that people listen to some people that I know that makes music or in the rap game have heard some of my music and I'm just trying to put something out there. I know I need a lot of help in making music trying to find sound packs and more ways of how to make music to be better so if anyone can help me with sound packs or vsts that can help me further in my music please hit me at Blairmatthew879@yahoo.com if you don't mind sending me vsts or sound packs thank you
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