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Tez Howes
16 songs
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Wake Up to You (1st draft)
Words & music: t.h. gorman 2022 teztunes Tez Howes: Vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, keys Lyric at: https://teztunesmusic.wordpress.com/wake-up-to-you/
12 I'll Cry Later (Dasha's Song)
I'll Cry Later (Dasha's Song) (Words & music: t.h. gorman 2022 teztunes) Tez Howes: Vocals, guitars, bass, keys Alan Smithee: Drums
The Darkness Holds Me Close
The Darkness Holds Me Close (music & lyrics: t.h. gorman 2020 teztunes) Tez Howes: Vocals, guitars, bass Trudy Newell As The Temptress
It's Gonna Hurt
It's Gonna Hurt (words: t.h. gorman music: t.h. gorman / r. chapman 2020 teztunes) Produced & arranged by Ray Chapman Tez Howes: Vocals Ray Chapman: Keyboards, bass David Hill: Guitars Adam Grossman: Drums www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4mc1c
If I Could Hold You
Words & Music: t.h. gorman 2022 teztunes Produced & Arranged by Ray Chapman Tez Howes: Vocals, guitar Mike O'Brien: Guitars, lead guitars Ray Chapman: Bass, keys, drums
An old fart trying to recreate the vibe of pre-millennial pop, rock, country, etc. The albums: the Lena Pillars is indie pop & Old Dog is blues rock, and one-off tracks with collabs with musical friends in the UK, USA, Australia & Bulgaria of a variety of sounds.
Band/artist history
Just a hobbyist. Was in the premillennial music business at retail and radio for about 25 years. A stroke two years ago halved again what were only modest vocal and instrumental skills to begin with; I try to make it up in the recording and post production, and concentrate on improving the songwriting itself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Just busking on the street. I have a song 'David's Got Smokes Today' that memorializes the first day I earnestly tried my hand at busking, and the story of that day can be found here: https://teztunesmusic.wordpress.com/2020/03/30/the-91st-minute/
Your musical influences
Paul Kelly, Mike Scott (The Waterboys), Warren Zevon, David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven), Nanci Griffith, John Hiatt, Ray Davies (The Kinks), Billy Bragg
What equipment do you use?
Junk. Can't afford anything good.
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