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YL22 Beats
Cortland, NY  USA
January 22, 2022
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Yo Whats good my name is YL22 formerly Young Leclerc or Its leclerc. Ive been making beats as long as I can remember it started when me and my friends went out to a hookah bar in my hometown. They were playing Dirty Sprite by Future and it was such a dope vibe I had to figure out how they made it. Me and my bro connected with some rappers and a Dj then and talked music. there were bad bitches there and the vibe was right I wanted this feeling. so i kept learning now I produce music just like when I heard DS1
Band/artist history
It was a long road. Ive been scammed , threatened, let down, let people down, Ive burned bridges, I made strong ones, Ive been completely rejected before and thats what its like being a producer this shit Grimey.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah Its mad fun after you do it once it gets easier. If you set the vibe the audience will love you
Your musical influences
Metro Boomin for sure he made a way for us, and Zaytoven they are my favorite producers because of their character
What equipment do you use?
I use a Focusrite Pre Amp with Studio Monitors, and a Akai Professional MPD218 for my drums. as well as FL studio
Anything else?
If you ever think you are better than someone else give it sometime life will humble you. Follow your goals and keep making music! UA-224582412-1
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Cortland, NY  USA
January 22, 2022
2,404 plays