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Ricky Ramadista
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Jalani Mimpi
This song tells the story of someone who continues to pursue his dreams even though he failed several times, but he keeps trying what he believes in
~ Saines Habitudes ~ unnamed song Live in palemba
hello, I'm Ricky Ramadista, I'm from Palembang, I'm a soloist and vocalist from Saines Habitudes
Band/artist history
i started to know music when i was a kid, my father's love for rock music has influenced me in my future musical influx. i first learned music from my mother. i studied basic notation and played it on the electone organ. then i was interested in singing, but cousin my boy told me to learn guitar. in the end we often jammed together. i also joined the school band, 2010 i joined imb in guitar position. 2011 i formed sciences Habitudes with my friend Anggrian Marpaung. in 2017 i formed again lyonesse lemuria .and started a career as a solo singer to explore other musical colors that exist in me
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I want my performance in 2017 with Saines Habitudes. it was the biggest stage we've ever been on. very crowded audience
Your musical influences
i like x japan,larc en ciel,hide,matenrou opera,luna sea maybe you guys think i'm a weasel, no i just like musicians, other than that I like Metallica, Mayhem, dimmu borgir, led zeppelin, Queen, classical music. I heard almost a lot of music references, right, then I made my own colors
What equipment do you use?
guitar Rockwell rv22 guitar Ibanez Custom warlock efek zoom z1n and more
Anything else?
yes I am confused to describe it
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