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Bear Cub Belladonna
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I don't do this seriously. I take songs, make them funny to the best of my ability and then perform them idiotically in a harness on stage.
We Don't Talk Shit on Facebook
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Aging Pressure
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Affair Mushroom Kingdom
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Partial performance of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
I am a parodist. These aren't very serious, and shouldn't be taken as such. I'm not the most PC guy but I'm also not the most offensive guy in the world. I am a fan of any song I parody, otherwise I can't learn it well enough to make fun of it in the first place.
Band/artist history
Originally started writing parodies as a child (first ever was Wind Beneath My Butt when I was only 8 or 9) I initially started recording them in 2006, releasing them under a self-loathing name "Below Average Dave". In fact, many of those crude recordings are still floating around on Sound Click as well as other places. I may revisit some of those under my new stage name, Bear Cub Belladonna
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Bear Cub Belladonna regularly acts out his parodies in the Hampton Roads area, and occasionally beyond. Please visit the Facebook page for upcoming events.
Your musical influences
Weird Al Yankovic. . .honestly who else could have influenced me as heavily. South Park and The Simpsons certainly played a role in my twisted mind too.
What equipment do you use?
My Computer, a Shure Mic, a Yamaha Mixer, and my vocal cords
Anything else?
Hey I'm a parodist. I'm no Sinatra or Adele, and I don't have grand illusions that I have any real production ability. I'm having fun, if you don't enjoy it go do something else, if you do--you are probably an open minded person who would rather be happy than critical, and I thank you.
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