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Tom Zatar Kay Multimedia Zartist "Art is a Manifestation of Energy and Consciousness" "100% Love in Life Is a Good Life" Metaphysical Poetry Readings prose monologues euphony BOOMING onomatopoeia Computer Oral Art. ZATARS ART "Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association Abstract Expressionist "Splatter King" "Evokes a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness" Silent Space Gallery "The art at Silent Space Gallery can be a bit challenging to look at. An exhibit by Woodstock artist Tom Zatar Kay for instance, used black light and spinning Day-Glo painting to transform the gallery into a psychedelic experience that was definitely interesting" - Insider's Guide to the Hudson River Valley "Multi-media artist Tom Zatar Kay studied at Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) with the Godfather of video art Nam June Paik. Hes worked with many renowned video artists such as Bill Viola, John Sanborn and others. Was one of the first Video DJ spinning custom made contemporary Video Art music. The videos were using two different video artists intermixed to the beat of the music First shown at Hurrah the first video nightclub in New York City. He produced the only performance art video with Jean-Michel Basquiat. His band ZATARS is widely recongnized as a leader in electronic dance music EDM and Space Music. His paintings have won the prestigious People Choice Award at the Woodstock Artist Association and he has published over 25 art related books prose and poetry. At 16, he started a solar energy company and the inventor of 4 U.S. patents. Since 1994, Mr. Kay has published articles, testified before the U.S. Congress and made numerous appearances in the media regarding energy topics. His lifetime commitment is to the advancement of renewable energy to help humanity by developing the worlds most efficient electric technology. He is the Founder of the 28 year old website Ecomall.com one of the oldest environmental sites on the internet and Cybergod.com" - ARTEIDOLIA Artist Statement I can remember once when I was younger being at a fair and enjoying doing spin art where you would pour and drip paint on spinningpaper. I loved that concept: putting the art in God's hands; randombeauty with lots of colors and energy. Throwing paint is a spiritual, ethereal, cathartic, kinetic experience for me. When I paint I find myself in a state of ecstasy, constantly praying and meditating. I enter a hypnotic trance, a dynamic involvement in the creation - a unique, spontaneous, and unrepeatable event. I become infused with the same spirit I imagine Jackson Pollock tapped into, except I use DayGlo colors and reflect the energy of the times I live in. Pollock observed, "The modern painter cannot express his age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture. Each age finds its own technique". There are so many possibilities to explore in throwing DayGlo paint: the various color combinations, the types of effects used, the amount of paint, the speed, angle, force of the throw etc. It is an ongoing process and a journey that never ends, an unlimited, expanding universe of magical serendipity (quantum theory at its best). This work is also partly inspired by the M-theory (the theory of everything ushered in by Edward Witten). The paintings represent the tenth dimension string theory, which states there is a parallel universe. M-theory also states that when two or more different tenth dimension membranes collided they created the Big Bang and our whole expanding universe. The globs of paint in my paintings can theoretically represent these different membranes. They are images of the moment right before the Big Bang with black light/white light parallel universes. Our reality=white light / black light represents the tenth dimension parallel universe. Paintings can be viewed in black light, as well as white light, and can be hung in four ways. In a coming show of my art, the gallery owner plans to show the art 5 minutes with black light and 5 minutes in regular light, or have an interactive switch so people can switch between the two different light effects themselves. It pleases me to know that my art has the ability to make people happy. My art is a manifestation of my energy and consciousness. What people are saying about art: "The splatter, abstract expressionist paintings resonate with spontaneous form and resolve issues of structure and emotive content." - Angela Di Bello Director / Agora Gallery "Splatter action painting makes me so happy! - Love the controlled attitude of your work!" - Jen Youre art is rich and vibrant, brilliant and passionate Wex Really beautiful, your personal energy shines through, to make this art not just an exercise, art being an object, which continues to give light and life and good feeling Wlliott Landy It really shows carefree skill!!! Uma I Its like looking into the cosmos, were light shows out of the dark KDG They really POP out at you, they are so colorful Jonimaya "Amazing and vibrant work and just want to say that this is so healing and magical!" - Lillian Binder "Zatar is the new Jackson Pollack." Gene Kieffer "Wow, your paintings are remarkable, they leap into the eyes as dreams do sleepers' minds." - Karl "Looking at all your wonderful art helps a lot. I hope you know that by sharing your art you lift people's spirits. Thanks!" - Cathy "So rich and energetic! Yeeeeah!" - Glen Allen "Two colors, thousand faces." - Mauro "Love this work...especially the composition of colours!" - Franziska "Your art make me feel happy. Thank you" - Corine "Your artworks are extraordinarily beautiful." - TheSilverFactory "There is so much to ponder here." - Babatund Lea "Rich and vivid, an eye catcher." - Bill "Wow love so many fragments, cracks, pieces that still hold together." - Peggy Kay "The paintings are beautiful!!! I gazed at them for a long time." - Cate Woodruff "A wonderful stir of excitement." - Stephanie "Passion & Art & Splendor." - Lustato Tenterrara "I feel energy from your pictures." - Japan Artist "Lovely work - outstanding colours, very different." - Ingrid "You have created amazing works of art!" - Bill "Nice art. You are quite the creative artist." - Stacy "I am impressed by the emotion and feeling your art portrays." - Corey Nichols "I like the complexity in your paintings, especially in the ones with fewer colors, like the black and white series." - Nat "Your paintings are exciting and liberating." - Mkanvinde "Amazing art, you truly have a gift..." - Alex "It seems like you have a lot going on, and that is wonderful. It blows my mind to no end..." - Kevin "Master of the colors!" - Kosi "Love the work!!!!!! Full of chaos beauty!" - Justin Thyme "Your art is magnificent." - Susan Mohlpowers "Wow! Sometimes I wish I could jump into a painting and get lost, This is one of those times!" - Vincent J Newman "Brilliant colour, it bursts into life before your eyes." - Bill "Peaceful powerful subliminal mind control mellow tones, so intense .. so vibrant in such density." - Chloey "They're very happy. We need happy." - Cathy Britell, MD. "Fantastic. I love all the bright vibrant colors. A feel good painting." - Ketya Richardson "You use great coloures in your art. Lovely." - Martha "Your paintings are beautiful and full of life energy." - Jeff "Dig the work...very Pollock.... if I may say so..." - Jorge Emmanuel "There is a lot of inspiration and power." - Bernard "I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative." - Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin WRITINGS 'You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time'. - Molly 'I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative' - Ruthie Tucker Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery 'Zatar master of the universe' - Rozola 'My god what a complex being you are' - New Age Matters 'This is really inspirational and wonderful! You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time.zatar = brilliant I was going to say genius.. but brilliant seemed more in keeping. Incredible as always. Thanks. Victory to Zatar! Surely dancing to the great!' - Escorpionsita'You are elevating universal consciousness!' - Johnny O art 'A text that is true and at the same time has lyrical and poetic traits. even though this statement might seem absurd and contradictory...' - Mancao 'Being unusual has to be a plus in poetry. i like it nice poem.. i like your emotion.. it grabs your attention Wow this is really great, thanks for sharing it' - Janet V'Hi, Zatar Art and feeling are what I see in your writing. A small text, but, that, however, encloses very of your being. Since your personal, individual pain, until your collective, social, patriotic pain. Few written lines But that much says of you and of what you think of the world. Since yours dog 'killing' for its sister, in one accident that marked your soul (as much that for it, you initiate your thought) You parade then the too much tragedies that permeates your life (or your conscience)Hitler 11 of September all the assassins and all the black terror that inhabits for the Earth Then a toast with God, the Love and the CompassionTo contain the violence sending love rays. of pure love! Your thought, my friend, empties in the hope and the love 'Reason of the evolution' And you finish with art with feeling of a true artist:'I can forgive myself for all my sins!'...Ah!... Now I say: 'Ohm...'Congratulations, my friend .The pardon to that they don't know what they make, it's our differentiation in face of th
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"Zatar Our Father of Otherworldliness" LA Weekly GET A GRIP - Creating in an ocean made of super wholes floating in illusions singing for our souls poets artist in us all expanding creatures dancing calls to the sound of beating birds song we belong to a whole all pets we hold and love one union cell plasma in flux so what thank science for the facts pure reality comes in that act of compassion wear a mask of love on that face a positive vibration taking place a new awaken race comes out of this shit "Thanks for sending a poem! I dig the radical positivity" - Christopher Fields, Editor Neologism Poetry Journal Wasnt it Inevitable that Zatar Would Eventually Want to Share His Genius with the World - Terry Unpredictable Thought - Jack Your Voice is Straightforward and Honest - William Packard "The IncredibleExpanding Zatar A Kosmic Kapitan Who Works the Celestial Highway" - Doug Knott "Your Truly Inspirational" - Joanna Bullet "Zatar is Rich with Knowledge and Wealthy in Spirit" - Groovy Guru "your "Zatars Racing" is my Favourite. i'm Just Absolutely Speechless about it. Please Keep up the Brilliant Work, its People Like Yourself that Keep the Music Alive!" - Chris "Looks like you're into lots of different cultural and artistic work..." - Neil Rolnick "You are amazing!" - Gerry
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being free and happy transporting space and time booming love vegan ecology standing on my head I LOV U
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most important thing I am doing www.cybergod.com Granting Lifetime Fellowships to People for Empirical Research into Kundalini Energy
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