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Charles Cooley
Unique Singer/Songwriter from New Zealand
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38 songs
4.8K plays
Turning Point (first try - demo)
Written and recorded on the death of my mother. Raw unfiltered first run through.
A simple rock track recorded entirely on iPad
#37 in Acoustic Rock
An electro pop tune
Mystical Rivers Of The Infinite Cosmos
My first attempt at instrumental electronica. Circa 2006
Puppy in a Handbag
A semi instrumental song from the Celebrity Dollhouse Project. A mix of live and electronic instruments. Tom McGill on guitar
13 songs
Granite Prison (Roll On) - Charles Cooley
Im a singer/songwriter who, after years of pushing the wrong type of music for my voice and having a ball and working with and meeting some amazing people in the New Zealand music landscape, eventually found my own voice.
Band/artist history
I started in 1982 in Auckland, New Zealand in a pop/rock band called Broken Edge, I moved on to a Metal band called Black Diamond a formative version of a a band that gained popularity under a different name in the late 80s early 90s. I then took a backwards step into a classic rock covers band called Jura performing Queen, ZZTop, Floyd and Zep songs among many others, eventually moving to a Maiden influenced Metal band called Despiser, a brief stint in a band called Tempest then two years in my last full band Roadrunner, a kind of hybrid of Faith No More and Iron Maiden with funk, punk and blues all mixed in. I took up writing my own songs in 1992, more melodic pop to hard rock, then later with advent of GarageBand for Mac I got experimental and recorded a lot of industrial/electronica style songs. In 2010 I put a band together, for a one off gig, called Celebrity Dollhouse a semi hard rock/punk sounding band which fell apart instantly. Over the past 4 years I have played live in Five n Dime with my soul bro from Despiser and Roadrunner days doing acoustic rock covers. It can be fun, but due to our age few venues will give us the opportunity, though when we get it, we surprise the shit out of all present. I have recently begun recording songs I wrote many years ago and have some new material on the boil which is what will be showcased here. I believe in the organics of writing and performing not a paint by numbers, pedantic process. Real Music, was, is and always shall be about heart, souland passion, not mechanics and trickery.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live no matter what is an absolute privilege, even more so when people respond. Im always nervous before hand, especially when playing to a small audience, but I never went out half assed at any gig. For good or bad I know Ive made an impression at certain times. Most recently I've received great appreciation for my vocals when performing acoustically. I'm no vocal acrobat, but I deliver passion and when people get that its the best rush of adrenaline there is, no drug can replace that even at the low level I have been at.
Your musical influences
Queen ( May and Taylor in particular), Cheap Trick, Kiss, Rush, Bowie, Tom Petty, The Tubes, Springsteen, The Who (Pete Townshend), Bowie, Alice Cooper, Manson, Tea Party, Jeff Martin, Tangerine Dream, Styx, The Sweet, Ace Frehley, Neil Young.
What equipment do you use?
I use GarageBand, Ovation and Ashton Guitars, Ibanez G10 Bass, Honer Harmonicas, EleKtron MF 22 interface, Senheisser Headphones, Peavey and Sound Dynamics mics
Anything else?
You cant learn music, you have to feel it to be real. Music is a vibe, heart, soul, it is imperfect by nature and like nature it should not be spoiled by over thinking, over producing or forcing things or painting by numbers. For me pure music is organic and raw, if I have to hint for ideas then the end product is utterly worthless.
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Welcome to my world. Its a strange little place where Im learning to record old and new material in a new way. Would love feedback from anyone who cares to share constructive critique.
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