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his anus consumes him.
Seek And Destroy
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Lady Dusk
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Balls Emo Version
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Come as You R
NEW GOATSE CD PLANNED ETA LATE SUMMER 2005!!!! This is the official site of GOATSE. Please listen to the music and leave a comment on the message board.
Band/artist history
The roots of Goatse can be all be traced back to the Snails Song. Hardcore Goatse fans still consider this song Goatse's finest, superior even to the outstanding Seek and Destroy. Snails Song was a song written by Matt and me for Terry's 8th english class. The project was to continue a story about snails heard in class through a video or dialogue. Matt approached me with the idea of a song, me on guitar and him on vocals (not yet emo). which Terry thought would be fabulous. So, we wrote the lyrics, and we were well on our way to completing the Snails Song. Next week we met to record the song. Back then, having a lack of recording gear, we recording with the poop of Matt's penis microphone. We would start the song with some acoustic verses. First I fired up Adobe Audition 1.0. Then, I strung together some chords I thought sounded good on my baby-sized acoustic, played them a few times and looped them over. I screwed up too much to have one continuous take. Vocals consisted of Matt reading the lyrics. No monitoring necessary. Didn't occur to us. Next was the punkish electric section. Again I found some chords, this time playing a little punky riff really fast. I plugged my amp straight into the computer for a terrible sound. Same deal with the vocals this time. Finally done. We listened to the song in class. I pretended to be embarrassed but I really wasnt. We got an A, everyone thought I was really good at guitar and things generally were just really peachy at the time. Good. Time to start a band Matt and I thought. Cam, wanna play guitar? No. Then he heard Snails Song, and wanted in. Clay was recruited on bass. Now we were a band, but a fake one. We didn't do anything and I don't think Clay actually played bass. Soon we wanted to play in the Follies. Good idea, but we had to think of a good song for us. Blackwater Park? We thought were actually gonna do that once. Pathetic! We didnt really know what was gonna go on until just about a week before the Follies. We decided on Come as You Are by Nirvana. Good, easy song to learn in a week. Ms. Fred wanted us to audition, but matt was too lazy to take the drums. We thought Fred would say WHERE ARE THE DRUMS!!!!. Fortunately she let us off the hook, and this is where the term "where are the drums" came about". We even have a full Goatse rendition of what we thought Fred was gonna say. Listen to it. After some hard band practice the Sunday before the Monday we were on, we werent ready. But we did it without really messing up. I had to look at the bass during the chorus to get it right. Matt got bored. He actually had his head on his hand on his knee for a while. Then at the end he did a drum solo which was fun and showed off some talent. Goatse was in full throttle now, and could not be stopped. Numerous recordings were made that summer, starting off with Balls, another cult classic from your favorite anus men. Balls is a song unlike many others. Whats so special about it is its ability to morph genres. Originally it was not written aiming at any particular genre. However, its long lost next section (known to be lurking around in power tab format) was written in a metal style. Other styles applied have been, most notably emo, where Matt sings about his experiences as a young emo child, in a vocal style very similar to norem. This marked the start of the studio side of Goatse. Despite some feeble studio recordings from Goatse, they would quickly master the art of self-production. With dozens of songs soon to be under their belt, they will know what they will be doing. Goatse was picking things up with rapid improvement in musicianship by all members except for one. Although relatively unpopular with the more old school/hardcore Goatse fans, Goatses biggest commercial smash to date with Boyz in the Hood. This song peaked at number 74 in its genre on soundclick.com, where the real bands are. Approximately 25,000 songs were in the category at the time. No small feat from the little band from the bay. With a smile on our faces and happiness under the belt, Goatse attempted to make some more hits, only to produce some of the worst output to date. These were Come as You Are (studio), Hell Song, and Santeria. Come as You Are was considered decent, but the other two were acclaimed as trash. No worries from the boyz in the butt, their best was to follow. Seek and Destroy was recorded in the late hours of the night. It took dozens of guitar/bass takes to get it right; it would be kind of people to enjoy it. This song was tough for the band to rank as their number one due to its shoddy production and cardboard like guitar. However, it was the bands most vivacious and ass kicking song, so it earned the spot. Super Seek. This is Goatse. Super Seek (not to be confused with Seek and Destroy) is undoubtedly the finest. Finest. By any band in the world. Showcasing face melting licks, heavy as lead riffing and brutal vocals from the boys this was far beyond the norm. Combine this with shimmering production and its #1 is unquestionable. This would be the history of Goatse up to current. As one can see, Goatse is a talented band who plays amazing music and can hang with the best of them. It would be a shame not to visit their music page. Prepare to be flabbergasted. Currently, Goatse is planning a debut cd with original material which will be written and recorded mainly during the summer. Expect it to hit the shelves late summer 2005. Update: Seek and Destroy has becomes Goatse's most commercially succesful song of all time, at number 63 in its genre on the charts as of 1/19/05. A front page (top 50 in genre) appearance by Goatse would be splendid. Big party at my house if this happens. Friends, tell friends to listen to Goatse everyday. This is Goatse to this day. Any important updates will be added as needed. Want to learn more? Contact one of us @ Harri448 or nerdrummer on AIM. Copyright 2004-2005 Goatse. All Rights Reserved.
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