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bleedin' hearts
1st song of the night at the legendary Bitter End in NYC 6-23-1985
done away
2nd song of the night at the legendary Bitter End in NYC 6-23-1985
single girls
3rd song of the night at the legendary Bitter End in NYC 6-23-1985
time will tell / rejected
4th & 5th song of the night at the legendary Bitter End in NYC 6-23-1985
brake lights
6th song of the night at the legendary Bitter End in NYC 6-23-1985
"The band was started before I joined", said Joel Pirard, keyboardist. "In 1984 I joined them, at the time consisting of LOU RUSSO guitar and vocals, and main songwriter, TERRY RUSSO ( his wife) on bass and vocals, MARY HAGGETT, on drums, and ARNO TIETJE on guitar and vocals. They had been together in a couple of different configurations." "I thought it was really cool that we had a female rhythm section."
Band/artist history
"They had been at times one of the several backing bands supporting Vito and the Salutations but were creating original music when I found out about them," remembers Joel. "I do not know much about the previous history but i was not the first keyboardist. I do not know much about my predecessor except she was female. "I answered an ad in The Aquarian Weekly, and got through to Arno, whereby we conversed for nearly 3 hours. I felt like i had known him forever, we grew up close to each other geographically so we had a lot in common." The band gave Joel 2 weeks (at his request) to learn a few of their originals. These songs had no keyboard parts except s few rudimentary things. Joel created and integrated his presence into the songs and also presented to songs of his own which were welcomed by the band warmly. "This was a different style of music than my usual. I had come from a prog rock (Yes, Genesis, Kansas) original and cover style, than a more classic bluesy thing. However I think that made my integration more unique. In any case they liked it, and I was in." The Alienz played together in this incarnation however for only about 18 months. There were issues, somewhat lost in time. But the music was solid. Arno and Joel went on eventually. to form The JDA Project, in 1997, which exists to this day. They have been musical brothers since then and have co-written and collectively recorded 4 studio CDs and on live one. Lou and Terry continue to work in music and perform together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES MANY TIMES back in the 1980's
Your musical influences
Buggles, Squeeze, Beatles, Stones.
What equipment do you use?
We were a band that had two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards.
Anything else?
Sadly out of touch with everyone except Arno, we only just found out that Mary passed away in 2018. Rest in peace Mary, you were funny, pretty, and a killer drummer, much better than you knew. Uploaded som rehearsals. The quality is just from random tapes done for reference at the time. Some sound better than others but overall the SONGS are what this are uploaded for. LOu wrote most of the music in that band. (I ( Joel Pirard) had come for ORION, ALASKA and TOMBSTONE, so my writing background was a completely different style. I only contributed 2 new songs ( to them, as they were redone versions of Tombstone songs) in my tenure. I di dlearn all their songs in 2 weeks though! And created my own parts.
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