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Don M Smythe
Country music singer, guitar musician, country promotions. A genuine true-blue Country advocate and supporter of New Zealand Country Music at all levels.
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Sunday Morning Coming Down
Cover - written and recorded by Kristoffer Kristofferson
Paper Rosie
Cover - written by Dallas Harms, recorded by Gene Watson
I've Got A Yearning
Cover - written and recorded by Merle Haggard
Turn Out The Lights (And Love Me)
Cover written by McDill Robert Lee - (Recorded by Don Williams)
One Night At A Time
My Cover version of, "One Night At A Time", written by Ginny Peters.
Country music singer, guitar musician, country promotions. A genuine true-blue Country advocate and supporter of New Zealand Country Music at all levels plus I help to promote overseas Country Artists and Country Music Radio stations worldwide.
Band/artist history
I am a Country Singer and Guitarist from Christchurch, New Zealand. A Christchurch born & raised lad in a family of 7. I have survived life's old school of hard knocks and teachings. My first acoustic guitar purchased at the age of 21 proved to be a challenge, discovering 4 large fingers needed some manipulating to finger 6 strings, however I did discover I had a real passion for Country Music which has remained true and steadfast to this day. My first involvement with Country Music began in my early twenties (1969) and lasted for twenty years. I was very involved in Country Music and in Country Music Clubs around Christchurch from sweeping the floor to Club Committee level, organising and Convenor of awards to judging Awards Contests in the South Island. During that time, my late wife and I also played for 17 years as DJAY Duo, performing 5 nights a week. I was also tutoring guitar, helping club members with their music, raising 4 kids and working 40-60hrs a week. A hectic life but a very rewarding one. Fast forward to the current day and after many requests to record, over the years, I've finally met the challenge and recorded my Debut EP titled, Country Songs From The Heart Vol.1 comprising of 1 Original Song A Night Alone With You and 6 Cover Songs. My debut EP CD "Country Songs From The Heart Vol.1" was officially released for airplay on the 23rd of June 2018 I have also now launched my New Album CD Country Songs From The Heart Vol.II comprising of 3 Original Songs and 10 Cover Songs. Official CD Launch 7th of November 2020
Have you performed in front of an audience?
***ALBUM RELEASE SHOW*** 07 Nov 2020 "Country Songs From The Heart Vol.II" It wasn't a sell out, but it was a full house. Something so very special and magical happened last night, at Don's Album launch show. The venue and friendly staff, atmosphere, very receptive audience, brilliant band and special supporting Guest Artists plus all involved helping in the show all combined to make this show one to remember. To Don, it was one of those types of shows you dream about happening, but seldom ever achieve, but the night's show just literally soared into a realm of it's own, judging by the many compliments received at the show and the full house standing ovation of applause at the end of the Show's Finale song. It was simply such an awesome night of just plain good old Country Music Entertainment.
Your musical influences
There are many Country Stars that I admire. Here are just a few, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Don Williams, Emmylou Harris, Lynda Ronstadt, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Rita Coleridge, Shania Twain + many more....
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Thank you so much, @Steveweymen, for your kind supportive comments on my music. Your support is very much appreciated and hope you continue to enjoy them. I have followed your music page Cheers.
Hi Don just come over from Bretts page . Although I have been brought up on rock and blues and Mark knopfler Ive always liked country and country rock . When I write it sometimes comes out country ! So its in there somewhere ! Your songs are proper country really enjoyable to listen to . Performance production and instrumentation is fantastic . Take care
Thank you so much, Brett for your very kind comments and also for your awesome support in adding the track to your Soundclick Country International Playlist. It is so much appreciated. Cheers
Greetings from Canada. Enjoyed this song very much. Perfect mix, brilliantly written and the production is top shelf all the way.
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