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Levi Cheruo Cheptora
Published Author, Recorded Singer-Songwriter, CEO And Founder Doctors Explain FM & Music Junkies FM
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Mama Kanilea
Composed, Arranged, and Mastered by Dr. Levi on the Beat
Me & You
Afrobeats Produced, Arranged, and Mastered by Dr. Levi on the Beats
Levi Cheruo-PAMBANA (Official Audio)
However tough the going gets, the tougher must soldier on. Despite the overwhelming temptation to give in to our daily struggles, it is still a beautiful life. Live, laugh, love and be the reason those around you believe in the beauty of humanity.
Levi Cheruo-USILIE (Official Audio)
We have all been affected in one way or the other by the Noble Virus Corona. We have buried many a loved one, endure untold suffering over sudden job losses, and some of us have witnessed the relationships, and the Love-Live
Levi Cheruo-VIPI KUNITESA (Official Audio)
Vipi Kunitesa is a lamentation of a heartbroken lover; a heart wrenching story I have lived through, and so have many other men and women out there.
Levi Cheruo - Vipi Kunitesa [Official Video] SMS S
I loooooooooove any sort of organized noise, and better still if it counts as music. It is truly unimaginable the extend of influence storytelling can have on peoples lives. I have an immeasurable passion for story-telling, specifically through Music. It is even much more fulfilling when such compelling stories are shared through music. Stories about ordinary men and women struggling with their love-hate-lives; stories about injustices; stories about political, and economic upheavals, corruption, and many a social ill bedevilling our society.
Band/artist history
Having published a poetry anthology with CreateSpace Publishers in 2016, deep down, I knew it was just a matter of time before I resurrect my long-dead desire to sing. I had already amassed at least 50 personal compositions and with no idea where to begin it. For years, I have nursed this seemingly invincible shed of self-doubt...it is time I share my music; it is time I sing my heart out; it is time you listen to my story!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Looking forward to creating memories with my ever-growing audience...
Your musical influences
I am a music junkie by every sense of the word; every type of music has influenced me in one way or the other. However, growing up listening to Swahili Traditional Songs such as Embe Dodo, Itawezekanage, etc. by the THEME MUSHROOMS did played a key influence in my music career.
What equipment do you use?
I play the piano and currently learning the Violin alongside the Guitar.
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