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Papa Gary Fights
Papa Gary Fights
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Here in My Heart
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Kentucky Girl
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Prison Farm Blues 2018
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Irish Dreams
Gary Fights is a Recording Artist/Songwriter based in Central Kentucky, who has been performing both as a solo artist and in various bands for since the 80's. He plays a number of instruments including 12 and 6 string guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and various horns, but mainly plays his Framus 12-String guitar. While he still performs sometimes as a solo artist, he spends most of his time working with his bandmates Junell Street these days. Performing at a number of Central KY venues, and working on both their recording projects, and the projects of other area musicians in his home studio, Fightmasters Music.
Band/artist history
My career almost ended before it started because of a drunk driver. In addition to other injuries, I was left with a shattered left hand... Thanks to the skills of Dr. Rudy Ellis and a lot of hard work I was able to use the hand. As part of my rehab I started playing in my teens, sitting in on guitar, bass, or drums, with some of the local garage bands my brother played in. Then began writing and performing in the 80's. Including my partnership with fellow songwriter Derek Dennison. After taking time away for family, I once again began playing with area bands and performing solo shows in 2000 and has been performing constantly since. One place in particular I enjoy performing is at Backstage Cafe'in Elizabethtown. It is one of only nine or ten venues in the country that feature live ORIGINAL music. I released my first solo album "40 Days" in 2002, my second, "Over The Edge" in December 2003, The all acoustic instrumental album "No Words Necessary" in January 2005, and Heart Attack Blues in July of 2006. I was working on an independent movie soundtrack at the same time my band was recording their first album "Coming Home". Rather than releasing the solo material as a separate album, I combined it with the tracks from "Coming Home" and released back to back Junell Street albums, with the second album being titled "Against The Wall". While most of my focus is on the band, I am working on more instrumental music for another solo album. I took the money from the sales of my first album, and invested it in equipment to start my own studio which I called Fightmasters Music. I not only use it for recording my own albums and those of my band 2x12 but other area artists as well.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live and perform in the Central Ky area, and I love it here. The most special moment I've had to date was being one of the four performers chosen to play at the Grand Reopening of the Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown KY. Also releasing my first album "40 Days" in 2002. Also performing for 4000 plus folks at the Heartland Festival and performing on the main stage at the State Theater with Junell Street are special moments.
Your musical influences
My greatest influences are: Chicago, Prince, B.B. King, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Michael Kelsey.
What equipment do you use?
I mainly play a Framus 12-String guitar. Using a Fishman pick up running through a Digitech RP-200, a Dean Markley pick up run through a Digitech RP-100 and a GHS Soundhole Mic run through directly through the PA or using an Ibanez Delay. With the band I usually play a Starcaster Strat which I run through a ZOOM pedal. Other equipment I use includes: Fender, Squier, and Crate Amps, Shure Mics, Yamaha Keyboards, and a Behringher PA System. I also record on a Yamaha AW16G 16 Track Digital Recorder.
Anything else?
DISCOGRAPHY: Gary Fights "40 Days" 11 Tracks Aprox. Running Time 46 min. Released 2002 $10 "Over The Edge" 12 Tracks Approx running time: 56 min. Released 2003 $10 "No Words Necessary" 9 tracks All-acoustic instrumentals performed on my 12-String Released 2005 $10 "Heart Attack Blues" Second All-Acoustic Album 13 Tracks Released 2006 $10 ------------------------------------------------- 2x12 CDs (Kim Swickard & Gary fights) "2x12" ep 5 tracks Approx running time: 26 min. Released 2003 $5 "We'll Play That Bridge When We Come To It" 16 Tracks (15 +1 hidden) Approx running time: 58 min Released 2004 $10 "We'll Play That Bridge When We Come To It (Special Edition)" 19 Tracks (16 original plus three prevously unreleased tracks) Released 2006 $10 "Live at The Mulberry" 16 songs approx time 75 minutes recorded in 2007 $12 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Junell Street "Live at Jazzy's" 14 songs approx 78 minutes recorded 2007 $12 "Coming Home" 12 Tracks Approx 48 minutes Released 2008 $10 (out of circulation) "Against The Wall" 12 tracks Approx 52 minutes Released 2008 $10 (out of circulation) "Under Construction" 10 tracks Approx 44 minutes 2009 $10 "Time Changes" 12 Tracks Approx 48 minutes Released 2010 $10 ------------------------------------------- Coming Soon: Gary Fights "No Words Necessary II" 12 Tracks Approx 39 minutes Spring 2014 $10 "Sex Sells... But Music Matters - the Anthology" 18 Previously Released Tracks Approx 75 minutes Spring 2014 $15 ------------------------------------------ Unreleased or limited release Gary Fights "40 Days" (ep) 4 songs approx time 18 minutes released March 2002 $5 "12 String Blues" 14 songs approx time 43 minutes recorded 2005 Unreleased "A-Q-stic" 8 songs approx time 31 minutes recorded 2005 Unreleased (most songs released on "No Words Necesary") "Live at Backstage Cafe" 12 songs approx time 40 minutes Recorded in 2006 Unreleased 2x12 "Live at The State Theater" 20 songs 2 disc set approx time 120 minutes recorded in 2004 Unreleased Junell Street "A Different Shade Of Blues" 8 songs approx 25 minutes Limited release 2005 not for sale
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