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01. Hello America (feat. Mr Millions, OriginallyRe
Hello World You can Call Me OriginallyReazon Im a new locally independent Hip Hop Artist Who is recently relocated to the Jacksonville, North Carolina Area. HMU if youd like to connect and collaborate all my info is below and check out my SoundCloud link on my cover photo for any other connections youd like to make Keep It yall
Band/artist history
Working hard at this music life
Have you performed in front of an audience?
95% of the Concert Events and Shows and Festivals Ive performed at Ive not only performed with absolute sold out crowds with max attendances in facilities but I also have hosted many of those shows Ive done in the past as well as manned the sound and DJing and also made sure the crowd stayed entertained with much local and out of state performances back home where Im from out of Salt Lake City, Utah but I currently have relocated to Jacksonville, North Carolina & I am looking to start a new chapter in events and shows here so if you want someone with hosting experience Im your guy who also works very hard for graphics designing for flyers and advertisements and also paying squads to run local advertising for guarenteed packed venues.
Your musical influences
Hip Hop Has been my greatest influence ironically Coolio was the actual first rapper I ever got to hear back in the 90s and as a child I would be living in much lower class neighborhoods and would be rapping the words off my Sony Walkman tape deck my family knew from a young age I would most definitely have the music gene in me she was into singing very good also so granted I fell towards rap music but my story speaks for itself
What equipment do you use?
I leave the music studio I work with to run all that just put me in a studio and I will make lyrics come to life on any instrumental put in front of me.
Anything else?
HMU anytime if you really want to make a dope connection with an experienced performer OriginallyReazon (910) 817-0617 Email me @ OriginallyReazon@icloud.com for any inquiries on any type of connections and collaborations
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