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Jay Lamont
#Sweet Success Records #Certified Love
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Jay Lamont CD Promo
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You Me w/Violins
You & Me was written for lovers or that special wedding song when coming down isle in bliss.
Jay Lamont - THINGS AIN'T CHANGED Teaser
Multi-Talented National Entertainer Jay Lamont recently created is first EP entitled "HERE I A" and people loved it so he had to go back to the drawing board and do even better and create on that people would just die for and hence he has just finished his new single due to be released January 5, 2021 on Sweet Success Records entitled "Certified Love". This single is going to knock both young and old off their feet as it is made for all speeds and get ready to get dazzled. Don't get it twisted Still a lot let in the other songs but this one is going to leave you thinking did Jay miss his calling.
Band/artist history
When Jay left Oklahoma he moved to Houston TX where he worked as a radio personality where he would joke and sing to his listeners and hence his comedic career took off. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue music, comedy and movies but ended up a hit on the comedy stage. Mixing clean comedy, music and vocal impression into one has made Jay Lamont an amazing talent. His unique style of musical comedic performance on stage has made it perfect for concert promoters as it only required no additional backline or adjustment of stage plot just a quality sound system and an audience ready to party. Jay has performed on main stage with R&B, Jazz and Funk artist such as Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverley, New Edition, Gladys Knight, Anita Baker, R. Kelly and many more. Even performing in front of these great names and amazing audiences Jay was still not content as he still felt that his true calling was singing as a recording artist.
What equipment do you use?
Strictly vocal
Anything else?
Jay Lamont is a multi talented entertainer as he can make people laugh while make people fall in love with his voice.
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