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United Kingdom
December 06, 2020
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The Cinema of Sound. I am a surrealist artist at heart and I treat my music making in the same way. "Gathering together sounds and stream of consciousness words in attempt to create an atmosphere of meaning out of non meaning. Aiming towards a "Cinema of Sound". Started off making my own "music" but more recently using Ableton Live and samples to quickly produce electronic music with a beat. But not sure how long this will last, I still have a problem with the impurity of such an approach. For a long time I was too shy to use my own voice, but am slowly overcoming that, though still relying on various manipulations to disguise it. Expect desolate rooms, Greyhound bus rides in the dead of night, distorted phones, the moon, religions gone bad, serial killers and various psychotic characters. Living the dream. An underlying hint of unspoken violence and dystopia abounds. File under “uneasy listening”. _________________________________________________________________________________ In my twenties I shared a house with several other students. Whilst they were listening to the Sex Pistols, Ramones and the Clash. I was listening to contemporary classical music such as Boulez, Cage, Penderecki, Ligetti, Reich and Berio, along with a bit of Shostakovich, Berlioz and Mahler together with Coil, Faust and other avante garde electronica. Occasionally my housemates would venture into my darkened hashish scented lair and say, "What the fuck is this you are listening to?" They would linger ( due to the aroma and its source) and with patience and time they would eventually say things like, "Actually, this isn't bad". My only hope is that some of those composers ( or my now rapidly approaching old age flat mates) mentioned above would venture here and say something like, this isn't bad. If only they weren't all dead ( The composers, not my mates ... yet). Ive still got some dope left!
Band/artist history
As a kid I wanted to join the school brass band, they gave me a test to see if I had any musical ability. I had to sing back notes as they were played on the piano. I was terrible. But they let me join the band, playing something akin to a large bulbous trumpet. To this day I still dont know what it was. Aged 16 I wanted a keyboard, an ad for an electric organ was for sale in a local pub, turned out it had a few keys that didnt work. I said Ill take it. My parents said otherwise, they were very conventional. At 17 I auditioned for a Bowie tribute band, they said play Jean Genie, I did, note by note on one string. They left, I ran to my room and cried with embarrassment. So there was nothing for it than to get a career. A career brings money and I could buy software. Software to make music. I could choose not to play the missing keys that aren't missing. And so... I did.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once, playing the baseline to "Stand by me" in a pub band. Too terrifying to be repeated.
Your musical influences
I don't think that would be wise.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase and Reason with Wavelab for post production. More recently using Ableton Live to produce sample based music (Its a lot quicker than doing everything oneself). My addled mind to create random stream of consciousness "lyrics".
Anything else?
Electronic Works as "X equals X": https://soundclick.com/XEqualsX Modern Classical as "Ritual 6": https://soundclick.com/ritual6 Jazz improv as Jazzassin: https://soundclick.com/jazzassin Sometimes I think I may be an idiot savant. Other times, merely an idiot
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United Kingdom
December 06, 2020
2,005 plays