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Reverend Black Dog
Reverend Black Dog
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"you capture the spirit of old blues recordings" - Douglas Kirby, Muse Songwriters. Live solo vocal roots blues field recordings from Downers Grove, IL USA 2020
Reverend Black Dog Music Promo (2020 E3b) Show Me
Hi, Rev. here, what's up? Crazy times. The devils' going strong at it again. All I need is God, the creator, "Let God be true, but every man a liar." Roman 3:4 KJV Bible. Don't forget that, and it's not about belief, it's about self-evident truth. Who do you love? - I'm a solo blues or whatever we want to call it songster here just putting out some homemade songs for you. Comments are good, leave one, I'd like to hear your critique or whatever.
Band/artist history
How'd I get here? Some kind of trick I guess. No, but where am I? Well, I've picked since the eighties, always just for fun, and still do, adding the singing about '08 with the beginning of this online ... MySpace, 'seen a guy doing it, putting videos on with just him doing his own thing like I do, no fancy production, live, real. To me that's the most interesting way, he still does it, Dr. Luv and Friends on YouTube.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, no shows ever. I can't imagine, especially now.
Your musical influences
I think it started when my older cousin left a bunch of records at our place in the seventies and I started listening. Highway To Hell, Rats In The Cellar, Ted Nugent. Not sure when blues came in, slowly I guess, here and there and I soon realized how they's the big influence, the old and newer like Bring It On Home, Ice Cream Man, a lot of remakes, electrified but we can't lose that, where that came from, that's what I'm doing. John Lee Hooker, and so on.
What equipment do you use?
Takamine acoustic guitar, ESP electric guitar, Fender Mini amp, Tascam DR05 portable recorder, Singstar mic (They Live album), Asus laptop computer, Audacity freeware, GVST plugins, Paul L plugins at forum.audacityteam.org.
Anything else?
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