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42 Plugg
42 Plugg
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Wanna flex - 42 Plugg
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Goodluck Bobby Nwadike born on may 2nd 2002, A Nigerian rapper, songwriter and producer (hehe) I was born and brought up in the southern part of Nigeria....a place called abia state an indigenous part of the country... Though I'm known as 42 Plugg, some people know me as DrillZ or OG DrillZ to be precise Others call me antidote some purpsmoke I have so many names lol not bragging tho Well my parents never saw the music thing as a thing (you know like a reasonable thing)they see it as a bad influence of television, they never for once believed that I have a talent even after listening to my music (which others see as a very nice project)They always discriminated..No support and all that but I didn't let that stop me music is a strong passion in me
Band/artist history
I'm still starting tho....I wouldn't say difficult to discourage youngsters....I rather say tricky You know tryna find your right genre and all that Was kinda a headache But where the main stress is or should I say where the main is for me is writing down songs I never had that ability...wasn't much of a writer.....but I tried my best and look now I'm writing
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah FR.. WAS at it when I was balling with the "skullz" one of them special memories was when I met a local celebrity
Your musical influences
Well I don't have any specific influencer, I just happen to love hip hop you know the American typa hip hop even though I was born and brought up in Nigeria I didn't really enjoy afro (Nigerian genre) It really didn't give me the vibes you know I hated it but not all tho Some were pretty nice
What equipment do you use?
A mix , my phone and other stuffs
Anything else?
Ummnh nothing more It's all goooood