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Bleach Battalion
Bleach Battalion was founded in 2008 with the purpose of creating great catchy skinhead music (oi!/reggae/ska/street rock) with a patriotic populist message of freedom..... This band is not our first rodeo and was formed out of the ashes of previous punk and oi! projects such as Skullkrusher, Deadscene, the Drunken Catholics. Semi-accurate information can be found here: http://punkdatabase.com/wiki/Bleach_Battalion
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
Started from the bottom now we here... which is just roughly a few rungs above the bottom....
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Many shows have been canceled due to assholes but the ones we do have are always fun except for the one where the annoying bar owner tried to lecture us with his communist dialectics...
Your musical influences
Old school values and old school music: Classic Oi!, Rock n roll, Street rock, street punk, 77 punk, Skinhead Reggae, rockers reggae, roots reggae, early dancehall, sleng teng, dub, 1st and 2nd wave ska, 2 tone, viking rock, mod garage rock, neofolk, northern soul, hard mod rock, UK pub rock, Australian sharpie rock
What equipment do you use?
Electric and acoustic Guitars, a microphone, bass guitar and edrum set running to a portable multitrack digital recording studio. We used to own an Old school analog keyboard but it broke many years ago. Maybe someday we'll get another one. In the interim, any organ or keyboard sounds you hear are played live through a tablet based DAW.
Anything else?
1776 is the answer to 1984.