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Sunkid Boppermen
Sunkid Boppermen
Los Angeles, CA  USA
June 07, 2020
815 plays
A few raw discovered lost demos from some potent prodigy content bombardment generating stimulating album writing abilities pouring mounds of passionate sounds Information freebasing mind-bend creation station patreon facing life changing information delivering the ability to obliterate belief system driven conditioning disassembling pretend identities making fake-ness walk the plank quick rebuild the real you ground zero real nude genuine intentions steal counterfeit ambition calculated definite legitimate authentic traits escape.. erased off the face of this place evaporate from space no trace replaced by generic cookie cutter waste blissful Fueled ignorance fed cognitive dissonance bred perfect obedient servitude, tell-lie vision subconscious kiss to shape the way they think and see evil deceitful laced influence in your kids lab-rat test subject willingly eating the enemies poison treats gullible easily fooled sheeple imbeciles undeveloped potential of intellectual potency deterioration of cognitive functions induced by schools and institutions like sports and kindergarten, Sesame Street is infiltrating industrial farming sales associates to sell their growers guide for mind control fertilizer soil ...provide the right environment for prepubescent seeds of life to strive and grow the lies that hide in disguise as truth behind some clues that guide the group from finding proof providing spoofs to keeps them kooks secretly promoting piles of propaganda thats polluting the population is presented by popular people with proud prowess to promptly publish proper proof in planned precluded perceptions posing as personal philosophies engineering minds to think artificial shallow ordinary simple common plain and easy mindset predetermined outcome algorithm inspiration contamination integration creation continuation manifestation synergistic nootropic supplement stack methods induced a flow state a catalyst to create So 100% of these jams is spontaneous improvising from guitar chords, Melodies & strumming patterns/rhythms to vocal melodies/lyrics all made up on the spot wild freestyles to the fullest extent Information freebase mind station life changing laced inspiration integration us Augmenting the minds deep capacity to manifest creative capabilities expressing Soul type things Many Feelings Im sharing to anyone willing to see enhancing your perceiving constantly progressing Evolutionary learning simply by listening to me. Put down stupid precluded institution implemented docile dogshit dogma doctrines conditioned into genetic transcription subconscious thought processes determines your next steps ignorant belligerent misrepresented distraction bliss keeps all sheeple people obedient perfect servants Regurgitating evil statements deceived to believe false identities cross contamination saturation of our nation piles of propaganda preaching population designed to contrive the minds infiltrating helpless babies frequencies increase genetic anomalies sorcery by elite creeps imbedded deep into your genes Music philosophy comedy education on healing modalities powerful waves of inspiring energy (content / art / creations / manifestations / prophecies / ideas the stimulate and Xpand horizons of those who have it in them to convert inspiration Into their own named thing. Ill test your boundaries dissolve them profoundly. Help clue you into precluded youre rude ego has muted. Take your perception of life leave it in the floor tonight.. come & evolve with me youll find your self smiling, on this journey of me your mind wont define good luck trying! Dood woaaahhhhhhh!!! You got me all wrong brotha! I ain't not evil self centered scandalous conniving ulterior motive Black magic witch craft trickster kid with endless shit to twist your perception to be questioned by demons I'm just a psychonaut musician shamanistic artist drummer Singer guitarist surfer beach bum consciousness explor er in the deepest depths where most don't dare fufulling my purpose given to me
Band/artist history
Playing on pots and pans was my first memory
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Since I was a baby
Your musical influences
Hendrix, John Lennon, Sublime, RHCP, Payday Monsanto, Kurt Cobain, Doctor P, Eptic, Camo & Krooked, Pretty Lights, 501, Zomboy, Eric Dubay, O.D.D reality, Dirtyphonics, Rusko, Brown & Gammon ect