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The Email Band
The Email Band
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Tracks are gathered using email from around the country and mixed in my studio. Musician friends contribute.
Today #78 in Acoustic General subgenre
Sorgum Street
Through the Storm
When Cowboys Were Our Heroes
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My name is Ed Laura. I got it for my birthday. You could call me a guitarist although I have picked up on a number of other instruments as they became a necessity or by chance. I am a songwriter by habit, not by trade.
Band/artist history
My first gig was in the church choir with the advent of guitar music in churches. I have played small lounge type gigs, mostly for free drinks. I enjoyed being a roadie and sound man for a number of local rock bands where I learned lots of cool tricks on guitar. Becoming a songwriter was a gradual process. I had written probably 20 before I considered myself legitimate. I have now accumulated over 100 original songs. Now that I am retired and because of Covid 19 I have way too much time on my hands. This is why The Email Band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
After moving to the Nashville area I was hired by a popular Irish band to play festivals, pubs, weddings, private parties and Contra Dances. It was a splendid 10 years.
Your musical influences
My influences are many. In particular I enjoy listening to guys like Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, all the old blues guitarist. The Beatles of course, the Stones, Allan Parsons, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, Yes, ELP, James Taylor, Keb Mo, etc, etc.
What equipment do you use?
15 guitars, including 4 basses, 4 electrics 3 amps, mandolin, octave mandolin, tenor banjo, several assorted keyboards, Tascam 4 track tape studio, reel to reel, a Fostex 16 track digital recorder, a mic collection, monitors and everything I need to be a band.
Anything else?
Ed Laura- writer, producer, instrument player, singer Terry Banbury- drums, percussion, ideas Chris Johnson- a successful songwriter (3 CDs released, Shrinkwrap) guitar, bass, guitars, ideas and interesting textures. Ed Kohorst- bass, guitars, computer editing, ideas Rick Lezotte- bass, vocals. Rick is on loan from the band Sudden Impact Jim Mroczk- guitar, vocals. David Parr- Chapman stick, Irish cross harp, ukelele Andrea Greer- vocals Rick Lezotte- bass, vocals. A long lost cousin with skills. Ed Kohorst- guitars, bass, computer editing and other wizardry, technical advisor.
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