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Money Puddles
Money Puddles
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The Delicious Science of Hedonism LP (had to remake profile sorry, its a long story)
Money Puddles - Place of Link vs. Rumpleoneskin (d
Hello there, General Kenobi's
Band/artist history
Started playing in live bands, notably rock outfit See What Happens 2009-2015 and then punk rock group Lagershop (2017-2019). Started a music festival called ProperStock! in Milton Keynes, UK and ran live events (2011-2015). They unfortunately collapsed and honestly I never recovered. Now, after studying Music Technology at college and stuck in a room I'm getting into producing and beat making, as well collaboration and live performance recording. I love collaboration too so am currently trying to push that aspect as far as I can.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Personally I've always struggled with performing live, only a handful of times have felt comfortable, usually down to nerves, organisation and perhaps inebriation! Played at the Marshall Amplification HQ in 2010 for Chapman Guitars and Camden Underworld in 2018 supporting Electric Eel Shock. Playing a set at the festival I created was a pretty unique feeling too, was cool times.
Your musical influences
For this project we are looking at Lemonjelly, Bibio, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Guillemots really. However theres a plethora on my spotify playlist, fave groups additionally are Taking Back Sunday, Pearl Jam, Belle & Sebastian, Reel Big Fish, Jefferson Airplane, The 1975, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, The Libertines, Idles, Deftones, et al
What equipment do you use?
Its a glorious bodge and I'm getting there. Currently Cakewalk and a Yamaha APX700iii, beat samples using the Palace Sound Kit. Long as it sounds, right?
Anything else?
I Love you
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Believe It (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Bounce back Again (Megan Thee Stallion Type beat)