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Cutoff Music
Cutoff Music
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Hi we are Cut off an artist group from Cologne in Germany We produce mainly Drum and bass but love any genre that fits a rave About us Esra is the Female vocalist pianist songwriter and composer Philipp is the synth geek producer pianist grafic designer video editor and guitarist and David is the main grafic designer video editor camera operator for our videos and he also produces Techno on his Alias "Nichtig" check him out .
Band/artist history
so Philipp started producing and learning instruments at a very young age then after 6 years he found his Girlfriend Esra and Founded Cutoff. He also met David while studying at a school of arts . Esra is a medicine student who has always been selfreleasing piano vocal solos on instragram and now with philipp she got into music production too. David always played piano and loves making music . his alias Nichtig will surely be featured in future . if u like our stuff we might be able to build our label "the turnupmisfits" so we can help all those great talents out there too some day.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
sadly just little gigs and concerts but if the crowds on fire the artist doesnt matter its the feeling that matters and the music . for us its about music and a good time not about the artist. so if the crowd is having fun we are too.
Your musical influences
influences... Noisia, The prodigy , Imanu, Camo and Krooked , Mefjus , Optiv , Forgeign beggars, Pendulum , and thats only some of the Drum and bass influences we had i would suggest checking out our tracks to get a better perspective on this ;)
What equipment do you use?
DAW: FL Studio Interface: Seinberg Ur22 MK2 Mic: audio technica AT2020 monitors: JBL 305p MK2 Keyboard: Akai MPK225 and a cheap old yamaha keyboard.. CPU: I7 7700K GPU: gforce 980Ti Ram: 16gb ddr4
Anything else?
if u have any questions feel free to mail us at cutoff.musix@gmail.com
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