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Producer / Dj
Covid19 LockDown Music Video - NHS/Lockdown Tribut
Begain as Long time Oldskool DJ at House partys and social events, Established a Small Group of Friends including (RAVE'NZ) UK who had a Varied interest in the same music and began to form our own group with myself as Producer, We produce many OldSchool Rave and Breakbeat Tracks Designed to suit our own Interests and we eventually took our music to a small recording studio to Create an Album. Since then we have all drifted our separate ways and i established myself as an individual Producer and Produced my own music to Dj with.
Band/artist history
Starts as described above , Where i am now is as a sole Producer of my own music which i predominantly create for my own Personal Satisfaction. I have my own pair of Pioneer Nexus and create My own Tunes to mix with along with more established Tracks. I recently Created a tribute Ambient track in Dedication to the Covid-19 Lockdown.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have Dj'd in front of many people all events where at friends Parties, From Hardcore All night long house Parties to Back Yard Birthday parties , to Genuine Garage Parties.
Your musical influences
Prodigy 100% , They defined the Commercial Breakbeat Scene and the will never be rival'd. Including The oldskool Rave scene Starting with the Rat pack onto The rave scene DJ's like The music maker , Ramos , Kenny Ken , LTJ , Marcus intalex (R.I.P)
What equipment do you use?
4.3ghz Pc Xoen 24bit-32bit Soundcard. Pioneer Nexus CDJ's , Behringer DDM4000 Mixer , Technics Amp , MASSIVE , Syrus , Nexus , Dune 3 , Waves VST Pack , FAbFilter VST Pack , Novation Impulse Large Midi Controller Keyboard.
Anything else?
https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=248683&content=songs Oldskool Tunes from back in the day, if i was to suggest 3 out of them all i would suggest you listen to "TRAUMA" (DnB) "PUSH MY BASS" (TECHNO) "LICK IT" (EDM)
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