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Reap the music
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The violinist
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Hello all, I am s self tought musician who makes his own sounds using synthesisers, taaping my hands on the table, splashing water from a bucked, recording sound while my wife cooking etc.
Band/artist history
Well,I don't have much musical history, I came into music when I had a trial version of fruty loops in my PC. I started to make some beats, added some key sounds and said myself.. "oh my world.. music is that so easy ?" Then i turned on youtube for theories, techniques etc. And here I am.. well thats me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No.. never. I usually perform infront of my PC. I am not a goodnperformer
Your musical influences
Hans zimmer. The name says its all. A unique legend. His way of composing and recording influenced me a lot.
What equipment do you use?
I use a digital audio workstation called reaper. And i compose using UVI Orchestral suite and many synthesisers.
Anything else?
Well, my way of composing is like picking pearls from a thrash. I try to pick out sounds from day to day life and start humming myself imagining i am that sound.