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Gary, IN  USA
February 01, 2020
879 plays
Band/artist history
I been freestyling just for fun in middle school & at Broad Ripple High School I got my first taste of the Stage and the energy you can produce & return from the audience at a talent showcase/ fashion show. It was dope being all we did was a 3 song set & I wasn't officially apart of the rap group my homies got me high & told me I was getting in free so all I could think of was talking to a couple crushes of mine while watching my boys have fun on stage. So when my man Kev walks up to me talking bout let's go smoke before they perform instantly I said yes even though I'm still heavy eyed from the Gas we burned bearlier but cuz has me follow him to the backstage saying we was just linking up wit the rest of the fellas & whole time it was a trick cuz all of a sudden the vice principal walks up n says we're next , shocked I try n tell my boys I'mma go back but they said fuck it I'm up here now might as well hop on stage wit em. So I do it not knowing one song now let me give y'all the setup part on the second song there was a part of instrumental where they arranged to dance now me not having no training practice or knowledge all this was gonna happen I snatched Kev Mike like a bar n started freestyling only cuz I didn't wanna look like I ain't have no business being there it was coo I ain't pull a 8mile n go rabbit on the mic but I got a lil buzz n respect from it so at that point I can't say I have a fright in the stage presence area just give me sum time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My first concert/showcase was cancelled due to Covid-19 but MyAfton is a great source for upcoming artists like myself.
Your musical influences
First let's all pay homage to the legends Do or Die, Pimp C & Nate Dogg. These artist I listened to alot growing up alongside a lot of the greats we call upon today in samples and catchy bars.
What equipment do you use?
Anything available to me honestly I love to create in all shapes or forms whether it's finding acoustic balance in nature's element or the flow of work being implemented in a warehouse.
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