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Old Stone
Old Stone
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Now I Fall
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Let Her Cry
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We are Old Stone, the music we perform is a blend of many different genres melded together to give us our unique sound.
Band/artist history
The roots for Old Stone go back to a Southern Rock band from the 90's called Southern Touch. As we got older our music tastes changed and the music began coming to us differently and in the end what we were writing wasn't suited for Southern Touch. So after a 7 year hiatus we decided to share what we have been working on with the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not as Old Stone, but each member has performed on varying stages through out their musical careers. Everyday working on the music we love and sharing it with people is special to us.
Your musical influences
With all of the varying backgrounds of music the list would be very long. So let's just say music in general is our greatest hero.
What equipment do you use?
Well... Whatever a poor man's check can afford. As far as guitar tones, we keep our gear fairly simple. Looking more for an older sound that hits the ears in a new way. Recording wise, we have a run of the mill studio.
Anything else?
We are a new band. What we would like to use this site for is to get feedback from listeners so we can see what our strengths as well as weaknesses are , so we can perfect what can be perfected, improve what can be improved and become better as musicians and as an overall band. Having said all that, we made our first album free to download, we hope you enjoy the music. Thanks from Old Stone.
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