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Andrew Santagata
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Take Me Away (feat. Spydah)
Musician & Production Credits: Andrew Santagata - Lead & Background Vocals / Spydah - Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Background Vocals / Guest Guitar Solo by - Bill "Sriracha" Babcock / Produced by Spydah w/ Andrew Santagata & Paul DeLuca
She's So...
From the new self-titled CD (2017)
Jet Black
Band: Santagata * CD: Jet Black * Year: 2014
A Fire Inside
Band: Santagata * CD: A Fire Inside * Year: 2007
Band: Santagata * CD: Hopeless (single) * Year: 2010
Official Releases: * Santagata - 'Self-Titled' E.P. (2017/Indie) * A Breed Apart - 'Creates A Scar' (2008/Toe Tag Records) * Santagata - 'A Fire Inside' E.P. (2007/Indie) * A Breed Apart - 'Self-Titled' (2005/Toe Tag Records) * A Breed Apart - 'Population Refresh' E.P. (2004/Indie) * Andy Kelli Band - 'Mail Order Brides' (2000/J-Bird Records) * Andy Kelli - 'Mother Mary, May I?' (1999/Indie) * The Need - 'Sampler 98' (1998/Indie) * The Need - 'Self-Titled' (1997/Perris Records) * Andy Kelli - 'The Big Bang' (1994/Big Noise/Perris Records) * Andy Kelli - 'Dead Man Walkin/Mother Please' (1993/Indie) Official DVD Releases: * Locobazooka! - Lucky 13 (2005/IEG/3-D Ent.) featuring A Breed Apart performing 'Seven' at the Locobazooka festival, recorded live Sept. 2004. * A Breed Apart - 'The DVD' (2006/Indie) Indie pressing featuring full set performances from 2004 and 2005, recorded live at the Locobazooka festival. Compilations: Andrew has been featured on MANY different Compilation CD's, we could never list them all, but some recent ones are: * 'Love Me Like a Bomb: A Millennium Tribute to Def Leppard's Greatest Hits 1980-2013' (2014/Versailles Records) featuring Santagata's remake of "Too Late For Love" * 'Deuces Are Wild: A Millennium Tribute to Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 1970-2013' (2014/Versailles Records) featuring Santagata's remake of "Seasons Of Wither" * 'Rock N Roll All Nite: A Tribute to Kiss's Greatest Hits - 1974-2013' (2014/Versailles Records) featuring Santagata's remake of "I'm A Legend Tonight" * 'No More Tears: A Millennium tribute to Ozzy Osbourne - 1971-2012' (2012/Versailles Records) featuring Santagata's remake of "Suicide Solution" * 'Rock & Roll Train: A Millennium tribute to AC/DC' (2011/Versailles Records) AC/DC tribute with bonus original sampler featuring the Santagata track "Hopeless". * 'MRCD7 - Forces Of Dark And Light' (2010/Melodic Rock Records) featuring the Santagata track "Hopeless". * 'Road Trip Rock' (2009/Versailles Records) featuring the Santagata track "Chicago" * 'Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry (2009/Versailles Records) Buckcherry tribute with bonus original sampler featuring the Santagata track "A Fire Inside" * 'Lick It Up: A millennium tribute to KISS' (2008/Versailles Records) featuring the exclusive previously unreleased Santagata track "Cmon and Love Me" Also features the Santagata track "The Switch" on it's bonus original sampler CD. * 'Double Talkin' Jive: A Hard Rock Tribute to Guns N' Roses' (2008/Versailles Records) Guns & Roses tribute with bonus original sampler featuring the A Breed Apart track 'Taking Over'. * 'Skater Rock' (2008/Versailles Records) featuring the Santagata tracks 'Flatline' and 'A Fire Inside'. * 'Glory Rock' (2008/Versailles Records) featuring the Santagata track 'Just Like Angels'. * 'Race Track Rock' (2007/Versailles Records) featuring the A Breed Apart track 'Seven' (2007 remix). * 'Cheapjag Sessions 2002' (2002/Cheapjag Records) college radio compilation CD featuring the Andrew Santagata track 'Chicago'. * Daddy's Junky Music - 'The Best Of RI/CT' (1996/Daddy's Junky Music) featuring the Andy Kelli track 'Too Hard To Hold'. * Andrew has also been featured on many various Perris Records compilation CD's via Andy Kelli Band and The Need. These Compilations came out between the early to mid 90's, try and find them! -------------------------------------------------------- About Andrew Santagata... Andrew Santagata is a man with a plan and a sound that is distinct, fresh and blistering with energy, and is set to grab people by the throat with a spirit and attitude that will cause a revolution. A strong melodic sensibility mixed with a swaggering attitude makes Andrew Santagata an artist to watch out for. Andrew Santagata featuring Spydah in 2020, have released three stand alone singles and videos, "Take Me Away", "Bette Davis Eyes" and "Middle Of Night", all to great response. The duo has plans to release a slew of "stand alone singles" and videos, all throughout 2020 and 2021!! Andrew and Spydah have been making music together on and off since 2006, with their first release together being the second full length CD, "Creates A Scar", from the band, A Breed Apart. After that, the duo would continue to work and contribute together on most of Andrew's post ABA solo material. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for what this duo has planned next!! Previously, Andrew has released music under the name "Andy Kelli" in the early 90's, releasing his first single in 1993, "Dead Man Walkin", and it's B-side, "Mother Please". The following year, he released his debut full length CD, "The Big Bang" in 1994, and signed a worldwide distribution deal with Perris Records. "The Big Bang" would go on to be a Perris Records "Best Seller" in the summer of 1995. Andrew has also recorded and released original music with the bands "A Breed Apart" and "SoulVane". Andrew's band history: "Andy Kelli" (1993-2000) "A Breed Apart" (2003-2009) "Santagata" (2007-2018) "SoulVane" (2019-2020) "Andrew Santagata featuring Spydah" (2020-current) In previous years Andrew Santagata has shared the stage/toured with Alice Cooper, Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio), Godsmack, Disturbed, Shinedown, Alice In Chains, Puddle Of Mudd, Dope, Buckcherry, Kittie, Sevendust, Shadows Fall, Queensryche, Quiet Riot, Enuff Z Nuff, Tracii Guns, Bulletboys, George Lynch, Tesla, White Lion, Skid Row, Starrdust (feat. Matt Starr of Ace Frehley & Mr. Big), Saliva, Powerman 5000, God Forbid, 10 Years, Bumblefoot (Ex-Guns N Roses guitarist), Evans Blue and Godhead. "Andrew Santagata featuring Spydah" band lineup: Andrew Santagata - Vocals, Guitar Spydah - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming Paul DeLuca - Bass Brad Keeney - Drums For more on Andrew Santagata visit his official site @ Official Andrew Santagata Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/santagatamusic Official Andrew Santagata YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/santagatamusic
Band/artist history
Andrew has played and recorded original music for the following bands... "Santagata", "Andy Kelli", "A Breed Apart" and "SoulVane" to name a few... As well as recording some never released projects with "Negative 373" and "1971". Plus Andrew has played with a few RI area cover bands such as... "Dead Ex's", "Bender" and "Grind Haus" to name a few.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Official SANTAGATA Facebook
Your musical influences
KISS and lots of 70's and 80's rock!!!
What equipment do you use?
I use Gibson guitars, B.C. Rich acoustic guitars, Fender basses, Shure SM-58 mics and my mouth.
Anything else?
Feel free to check the Official SANTAGATA website ... Official SANTAGATA website
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