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Steve Weyman
Steve Weyman
9 Number 1
14 Top 10
25 Tracks
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01 The Boxer
Today #33 in Cover Songs subgenre
No Regrets
Today #81 in Acoustic Rock subgenre
01 Homeward Bound
Peak position #74
Road Ahead's Closed
Today #43 in Country-Rock subgenre
01 Good ole Days
Peak position #1
i am Steve Weyman from Bristol England and been playing guitar since I was 9 years of age and doing paid gigs in bands from age 14 playing covers and originals. I am a bit older ( quite a bit older now ! I am not gigging at the moment . I am teaching guitar and concentrating more on writing and recording in m y little home studio. Don't write in a particular style, it comes out how it comes out !
Band/artist history
I started playing after my brother taught me a few chords on guitar when i was 9 then progressed from there and started playing in his band at 14 then joined another band at 16 and from then just gigged with various bands. I realised i could sing a bit so started doing more lead vocals as well as lead guitar playing mainly rock and pop and country rock styles and of course blues.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
played for many years to live audiences some good gigs and some bad ! but mostly good and fun ! some small audiences and some very large audiences like festivals etc nothing like playing live to feel alive !
Your musical influences
my influences early on were Hendrix the Eagles and Mark Knopfler from dire Straits and many more in between. Mark Knopfler is my all time favourite because of his unique finger style.
What equipment do you use?
I use Fender Strats and Fender Paramount electro acoustic and Gibson Les Pauls i am now after a good Fender Tele. As im not gigging now for a while i am using Line 6 amps and Boss Me 80 pedals in my home studio. i record my songs on a Boss BR 800 recorder abit limiting as it only has 8 tracks but not bad for demos . I play all guitars and bass and sing all vocals and backing vocals on my tracks.
Anything else?
There are a lot of great artists on this site so hope i can do justice to myself on here and think i can learn a lot from them. have had a good start but have to keep writing and recording and learning !
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